Monday, 5 February 2007

try again

i thought i had added an image to the first post of Tess at the sewing machine. Hasnt appeared so i am going to try again....

first timer

wow, well, should be working but thought i'd finally play and set up a blog.... will take some time in my 'spare time' to get it looking pretty so for now thought i'd just have a go at posting something.....

My three girls are still home on holidays - 2 weeks to go nearly and today they have to finish putting together a quilt top (Turning 20 design) for their dad so i can take a picture and have it in the mail by Thursday for the TQG exhibition. I started a little quilt last night for the Challenge section, having trouble with my tension on the Bernina on the back of my quilting so may have to put it onto another quilt top to hide that.... Its running beautifully since being serviced finally but obviously i now need to play with the tension more to get it right.

anyway, enough for now, lets see if this works!!