Friday, 26 October 2007

Busting to Quilt

Wisteria Girls

Wisteria Rambling
ooooh what an exciting day, and so many other things I should be doing. I feel very humbled to have been asked along with my sister Tracey Browning earlier this year to be a part of the 2007 Quilt for a Cure 'Busting to Quilt' project in conjunction with Universal magazines and Lloyd Curzon Fabrics..

As the designers for the programme we designed and made two quilts using Quilt for a Cure fabric ranges. They were published in the September issues of Homespun and Quilters Companion with many stores participating with fabric kits. Portions of all fabric sales went to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Too add to the donation our two quilts are now to be auctioned on ebay with all proceeds going to the charity. Having a close friend of my mothers just diagnosed last week with Breast Cancer (and a long time family friend, mother of my debutante partner) the issue of Breast Cancer is always close at hand. I am sure none of us has escaped an association with it, be it personally or through a family member or friend. I am honoured to be able to donate a small amount of my time to assist in any way I can.

So for your chance to win the original quilts as featured in the magazines dont forget to go to ebay on the 1st November. Details can be found on the Quilters Companion blog (just found this, Im going to add it to my favourites) or here.
hugs again, feelgood emotions from me to you

The Last Minute Gift Countdown

I am very excited to have been invited to participate in the Last Minute Gift Countdown from Karen Gass of Cotton Spice magazine. I am in the company of some wonderful designers some of which I have had the pleasure to meet at the previous couple of Quilt Markets. All the details can be found on Karens Blog but in a nutshell, you can visit each blog or website every day throughout the programme and download a free, yes FREE pattern, never published before for a quick last minute gift or decoration to stitch in time for Christmas... can you afford to miss that? I cant wait to join in as even though I am sure I wont have time to make many new projects I know I will discover some new blogs to visit frequently to share and entice my passion...
Now Tracy from Plumcute designs starts you off on November 5th and she has a lovely style so I know she'll come up with something great.
So we don't forget I'll start the countdown with you all here... Today (Friday) marks 10 days to go
My day is the 8th of November and my project is not christmassy, although it could quite easily be, but a perfect little gift for any little or big girl in your pressie list... or maybe even for yourself..

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

when its okay to say *****

I recently got an email with this as its title and there were some very funny situations pictured in the email. Yesterday I had occasion to justify a 'not so bad but not normally used' word which escaped my mouth as a can of diet coke spilt over the Tilly and friends quilt as it was half way through being quilted for Melb Quilt Market in a few weeks arrggghhhh!! However, I think its saved, all rinsed, quilting finished, photo taken and artwork sent to the replicators... and no more cans of diet coke allowed near the machine..... Hopefully the finished CD's will be back in time..

problem was that I am trying to do so many things at once at the moment... preparing for my Charity stitching day on Sunday, finishing new projects for Melb, organising new boxes, flyers and pattern covers, organising a teaching program, accommodation, transport etc.... sound busy, thats life, one step at a time I keep saying. At least my new Tempter bags arrived safely today so the packing can begin there...

reading all the messages about designer aquaintances and friends getting ready for Houston market the last few days and my thoughts go to Mel and Rosie who are heading off on their first trip. The last minute panics sound so familiar, have we got everything, have we got enough, have we forgotten anything... best of luck to you all and above all have fun..
so its back to packing for Sunday, I do hope the ladies have a wonderful day, they always have joined in the spirit but I am sure we all have a few nerves regarding how happy they will be with my projects, their goody bags etc...

We have a holiday here tomorrow for our local agricultural show so this year we, the whole family are going to spend the day. The weather forecast is perfect, the girls are excited, the animals will all be on show (except of course for the poor horses) and the pocket money has been saved.
Think of my tomorrow night with girls full of fairy floss,
sugar, fatty dagwood dogs and churned up from rides..
til then..


Saturday, 20 October 2007

free e-book

Even though I have been away I have still been busy with Tracey my sister and partner in Wysistas. We have upgraded our Quizzles Website and put a free 6 part e-book up there to thank all who come to visit. It is chock full of wonderful quilting information, hints and tips collected over the years. This came about as our Quizzles(R) were recently reviewed by the wonderful and charming Ricky Timms on the Quilt Show - an online quilt show hosted (and owned) by Ricky and Alex Anderson. Very exciting for us to have them both and their 23,000 odd members see a little product from two Aussie mums! We also now have some Quizzles available for download from the Website straight to your computer. There are about 11 more to come still and then we will get working on some new designs.... never a dull moment here....and we believe the free Quizzle sample has been rereleased on the cover of Quilters Companion this month - so everyone who has asked who missed out last time (if you live in OZ) grab your copy and you too will get a play. They are good fun and a great way to choose your quilt colour schemes... and very easy to use. (sorry for internationals, apparantly they (the publishers) dont put the bonus's on the overseas copies so you'll just have to be content with the trial play on the website or download one to use at home- or you can buy hard copy Quizzles in the US .)
next we have to learn about affiliate programes so all your locals can share in the excitement - yet another learning curve..

in the meantime I have my 'Stitching in the Valley' charity stitching day this weekend so I may not get to chat again until after that.. will take some pics for you all..


where have I been

No I haven't forgotten blogland, just been very busy. I was fortunate to return to my home state last weekend for a few days for two lovely events. My best friends 40th and my fathers 70th. Two celebrations which showed the respect, esteem, true friendship and love from family and friends throughout their lives. I felt honoured to be a part of it and to hopefully offer friendship to Bec and a daughters support to a wonderful father.
Now whilst home at Penola in South Australia with trusty camera in hand I got to spend lovely strolls in my parents beautiful garden. They are very proud of their 12 years of work and so they should be. This is not where I grew up, that was 20mins from town on a sheep property, but it is their retirement home and their pride and joy. Mum has I think now over 500 roses, my favourite flower and although it was a little early for the buds to bloom there were enough out to suprise and delight all the guests who wandered around. I filled my memory card and loaded all the shots onto Mum and Dads computer so each time they walk past they have another view from outside, inside the house. Here are a few for you to enjoy... cant you just smell the scent of spring? Sorry there are so many, I just couldnt choose my favourites.... I am going to use them to play with some Quizzles and choose some colour schemes from them for new quilt creations, taking colour from nature, you can never go wrong with fabric choice...

hugs for last week

there are many other flowers also

Mum reminded me I gave her this lilac when being posted once and couldnt take it across the border. I think it has done much better in this home!

one of the many iris species

Kenny, the faithful four legged friend, still surviving from farm days but a much easier life now....
and whilst we are there, Kenny's faithful friend..

This is my niece, isnt that just the most georgeous head of hair??

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Gathering pics

As promised some pics (s0rry many) of yesterdays wonderful gathering. The girls and their husbands had spent the whole day Friday setting up and decorating and what a wonderful feast for the eyes, the spirit and the passion of togetherness the day was.... 73 sharing, excited, passionate women coming together to switch off and have fun in a warm and inviting atmosphere of the sweet Campania country hall.... My voice was hoarse last night from talking and demonstrating so much and I didnt even get to every table.. I am sorry if I missed you...
Met lots of lovely personalities, hopefully gave some knowledge, skills or inspiration to some of you in any small way. Lots of colouring, stitching, piping hotties and chatter in my corner..thankyou so much to Deidre and Leonie for inviting me to share in this day. The next is the Autumn Gathering with Lynette Anderson as the guest tutor. I'll be booking in to that one.
hugs, Helen

the projects for the day are in front of the stage here where the 'shop' was beautifully setup inspiring many purchases of goodies on the day!

Michelle Vince, a local designer for the day

Deidre at the welcoming table giving out name tags and kits

Leonie and her 'best side'

the gorgeous little gift boxes they each got on the day....full of Christmas suprises...

All the walls of the hall were adorned with Christmas cheer as were the tables complete with Deidre's fir trees - are there any left at home?

The hall looked so warm and welcoming and set the mood for the day...
I jsut love gatherings and I think we should all attend one at year at least - now onto organising mine for the 28th October - a little different as its also a charity day...
hugs to all for today
Helen - who then went out to see James Morrison, Emma Pask and the Tasmanian Symphony orchestra last night - a wonderful show but a very long day...

Friday, 5 October 2007

Christmas Gathering

I am all packed ready to head off to Campagnia ( a very little town outside of Hobart Tasmania) tomorrow for the Quilted Crows' Christmas Gathering. I am very excited to share a wonderful day with many like minded stitching enthusiasts. Case is packed, patterns and samples delivered, Colourque samples ready to go and family organised.
I know we are going to have the most wonderful day as I know a few of the treats and suprises Leonie and Deidre have organised.. Have my trusty new camera (yes another one as the last one died on day 15 so they have just replaced it) so will take lots of pics for you and post them after the event.

Its always a worry whether the ladies will like my projects, I sure hope they do....
hugs for tonight

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

drawing fun

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with the girls drawing in the sunshine pouring through our dining room windows. I love the drawing and designing process, I have so many ideas in my head and many of them already on paper, its just the time to then put them onto the fabric. Here is what I was playing with on Sunday. It is a design for my new Mini Lace workshop. So it is based on the Lace#2 quilt which we exhibited at Paducah this year. The design was done totally by my sister Tracey Browning and her inspiration came from an antique piece of German Lace by Anton Unger. She made the whole quilt as a wholecloth and then I spent about 80-100 hours colouring it to give the WOW factor to a magnificent design. I have taken bits from the pic of the original (as I dont have it here) ,freehand drew, turned, twisted, added new bits to fit a 20" square design for a class piece... Now its going to go off to the very talented Hermione to digitise, Tracey will then stitch them out for me with her Intelliquilter and machine so all you lucky girls can just have the fun of the colouring.... without the stress of the quilting! thats my type of quilting....

so I promise I'll show you more when I've coloured it.

Just a quickie note here girls, I have put some short time specials up on the website to try and rebalance my stock levels. Check here as its only for two weeks. I'd love to be sending packages all over the world to you all.... They are all of first quality, just some designs have built up more than others when they all get printed at once....

Leave a comment and at the end of the two weeks one lucky 'commenter' will receive a surprise pack of these patterns. Plus, being fairly new to blogging I am wondering how many people have found me here yet... maybe only two of you!! good chance of winning then....

hugs for today