Wednesday, 24 October 2007

when its okay to say *****

I recently got an email with this as its title and there were some very funny situations pictured in the email. Yesterday I had occasion to justify a 'not so bad but not normally used' word which escaped my mouth as a can of diet coke spilt over the Tilly and friends quilt as it was half way through being quilted for Melb Quilt Market in a few weeks arrggghhhh!! However, I think its saved, all rinsed, quilting finished, photo taken and artwork sent to the replicators... and no more cans of diet coke allowed near the machine..... Hopefully the finished CD's will be back in time..

problem was that I am trying to do so many things at once at the moment... preparing for my Charity stitching day on Sunday, finishing new projects for Melb, organising new boxes, flyers and pattern covers, organising a teaching program, accommodation, transport etc.... sound busy, thats life, one step at a time I keep saying. At least my new Tempter bags arrived safely today so the packing can begin there...

reading all the messages about designer aquaintances and friends getting ready for Houston market the last few days and my thoughts go to Mel and Rosie who are heading off on their first trip. The last minute panics sound so familiar, have we got everything, have we got enough, have we forgotten anything... best of luck to you all and above all have fun..
so its back to packing for Sunday, I do hope the ladies have a wonderful day, they always have joined in the spirit but I am sure we all have a few nerves regarding how happy they will be with my projects, their goody bags etc...

We have a holiday here tomorrow for our local agricultural show so this year we, the whole family are going to spend the day. The weather forecast is perfect, the girls are excited, the animals will all be on show (except of course for the poor horses) and the pocket money has been saved.
Think of my tomorrow night with girls full of fairy floss,
sugar, fatty dagwood dogs and churned up from rides..
til then..



Lisa. said...

Eek good save re Tilly quilt!
Can imagine more than one of those words would have escaped!
Those showbags look sensational...I wanna come too!

Sølvi said...

Thanks for your nice comment in my blog - And yes - Your stitcheri-patterns from hugs and kisses are adorable - so i must admit - I have far more than I guess I will be making.

Helen Stubbings said...

Oh Lisa, I wish you could be here too, we have such a warm feelgood day, I go home exhausted but so inspired by the generosity of stitching women.
hugs Helen

Helen Stubbings said...

Sovli, I say one day, one stitch at a time, but there is no way I am going to finish everything in my lifetime.... every stitch made though is another step towards satisfaction and sanity!
hugs Helen