Wednesday, 27 June 2007

book update

Been busy in the last couple of days making up my other projects for the Colourque book. Then I actually cleaned up the studio today...... I wish I had taken a before and after shot for you. Most of the projects had foundation pieced borders and I have to confess to not being a neat freak when sewing. The whole studio floor (and half the house where someone carried bits up on their socks) with red and white fabric and thread scraps. But I can take some snaps of where the projects are up to. I posted off my mini quilt to Tracey for quilting today to match the big one and Im now thinking that maybe all the projects need McTavishing in the background now... What do you think??? I could have a go but then it wouldnt match Tracey's....mmm wonder how she'd feel about another 4 things to practise her McTavishing on.... not that she needs the practise.....
So here's some pics, tell me what you think..... At the suggestion of the Editor these projects have all been added to my original manuscript. She felt smaller projects were also needed to widen the audience for the book particularly to quilt shops who wanted small, quick workshops and classes rather than the whole Baltimore quilt. I am hoping they are all balanced and make up a nice array of home decorating projects to entice, excite and achieve....


square cushion

table runner

as you can see this is a work in progress, tonight I am putting another colourque'd design in each point to match the centre of the design....

they are all only 'top's so
I have no problems having them all quilted before I make them up!!

Monday, 25 June 2007

new Snugglybut requests

I have today made a new request for a Snugglybug rug. This one is for a 4 1/2 year old boy code named Patrick. He likes blue and tools and is going to be fighting a battle over the next few months. A second request has also been made for a 6 year old who is starting all over again after spending 2 full years winning the fight a couple of years ago, only to be struck down once again.
This boy is a Carlton fanatic so we are just awaiting some donations from the Carlton Football Club before I put this request out. The footy clubs are usually pretty generous with the requests and the recipients of the Essendon and the Collingwood quilts show their quilts with pride as they still take them to every appointment and hospital visit. So they are having a huge positive effect on their recovery. If you are intersted to know more and see pics visit the website.

and remember

hug your kids today.

love Helen

the innocence of snow

we had a very cold week down here last week for Tassie so on the weekend we went in search of some snow for the girls. This was Tilly's first sighting of snow and of course she fell asleep on the way being so excited about some thing called SNOW! We went up to Myrtle Forest at Collinsville just north of Hobart.
I got such a thrill watching the joy on Matilda's face in the snow, throwing snowballs at her sisters and mum and dad, slipping over in her rubber boots which were 3 sizes too big and trying to run in her snowsuit...... and watching the pride in her big sisters as they too experienced this learning session and the making of memories, something so simple as a frolic in the snow will be a memory for our family......forever...
hugs Helen

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Two posts in one day! that gives me an excuse to miss a couple of days if needed. When I was recently in the US for Quilt market I was extremely honoured to be invited to sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This Choir of 375 people, the largest in the world and considered 'Amercias choir' performs every Sunday morning live to TV and radio worldwide the 'Music of the Spoken word' programme which is the longest continually running live show in the world. I didnt sing at the performance but was lucky enough to sing at the Thursday night performance. The Choir usually sings in the Tabernacle which sits in Temple Square Salt Lake City (home of the Church of the Latter Day Saints or Mormons) however in this instance they were rehearsing Mendelhsson's Elijah with the full Orchestra so I got to sing not only in the Tabernacle (the big round silver building) but also in the Conference Centre across the street. Now the conference centre fills a whole block and has a 'whole block' of gardens etc on its rooftop. It holds 21000 people in the audience. Thankfully there were only a few hundred at the rehearsal.
The Conference Centre

Now I really hadnt sung for about 9 years since my Army days and sat in with these talented voices in the Soprano section sight singing the Elijah.... I was quite proud of my efforts thinking I would only mime but actually stood up okay if I say so myself.

There is a two year audition process to get into the choir. You can stay in the choir for 20 years or until age 60 so it is quite competitive to get a spot. All members are volunteers as are the 150 orchestra members. They sing every Sunday, rehearse every Thursday and then do other performances and rehearsals as needed so it is a huge commitment... They all take what they do very seriously and feel the connection with their Lord through their singing.

Now, how did this come about you may ask?? Well Tracey and I were fortunate to meet and stay with Peggy and Derek Shadel - Peggy is a longarm quilter and a member of the choir. They are the most generous and wonderful couple and had us in their home for 2-3 weeks being a part of their lives and supporting us in ours as we attended market. Along with their 3 cats we shared their basement rooms and took over every inch of floor space.... We can never thank them enough... for the hosting and for the experience of being a part of this amazing choir.

can you spot me??

The Temple at dusk
The quilting world is a very small place now with the internet and through it we are able to meet these lovely people wherever we go. They can never do enough for us, I just hope we can repay the favour one day....

hugs, Helen

most amazing dolls

I clicked on a link in one of my chat lists this morning (cant remember which list) whilst sitting here in thermals ,scarf, heater at my feet etc and found this most amazing doll maker/artist. Please have a look, it is the most amazing site....
the artist is Lisa Lichtenfels and she began her career as an animator with Disney Studios. Just amazing......I know I've used that word several times but this is a whole different level to our simple primitive dolls, and my basic level of doll sculpting.. and I am afraid I would not have the patience to do this but I can certainly appreciate it...


Monday, 18 June 2007

silver service dinner

well I promised photos so here they are. We had a lovely night and Molly (12) and Lara (12)did a fantastic job of preparing and serving our 5 course dinner on Friday night. Each course was near perfect and the 7 adults enjoyed a lovely evening. Tess (9) and Caitlin (14) were waitresses and learnt a lot about serving and clearing, Emily and Callum helped entertain Meggie (1), Matilda (2) and baby Luke (7mths) whilst enjoying big screen movies in the front room (lots of chips to vaccuum Sat Morning!) All dressed in their finery (I was very smart and wore a long skirt with thermals underneath) and all of the good dinnerset, crystal, and silver ware was resurrected, cleaned and presented for the evening. (not seen since 'before kids'). I even had to climb up to the very top cupboards to find some things. The girls found flowers in the winter garden to decorate and even cleaned the house and kept the kitchen clean. We were all so proud of their achievements...

the menu

the table

entree - Bruschetta with feta and asparagus

main course - beef and proscuitto on bed of potato and parsnip mash and beans in tarragon butter

dessert - chocolate baskets with honeycomb icecream and rasberry coulis

coffee and cheese platter - well whats left of it!

And unfortunately I didnt take photos of the starters and champers or the chefs!!

thankyou so much to the girls for a lovely night of good food, good wine, good friends and good spirit...



Friday, 15 June 2007

PJ Party Stripe fabric

Just a quick note to say that I have found the perfect fabric range with the multistripe (pink, green and purple) fabrics in it. It is April Cornells 'A Little Romance' from Moda. I have just spoken with Patrick Keough from PK Fabrics - new contact for Moda Fabrics Australia and although he didnt preorder the range he would be able to get it in if you requested it. Patricks contact details are now
PK Fabrics
Unit 1626 Burrows Rd.
St. Peters, NSW2044 Australia
Phone: +614-48645600
I will post an email out to stores also. I also have someone else chasing up the possibility of printing the original stripe I used in the book.
sort of supervising what is happening in the kitchen today......

Thursday, 14 June 2007

back from Sydney

I know, I know - I've been back now for four days and this is my first post. But it is school holidays down here in old 3 term Tassie so work is half paced at present whilst they 'annoy' or delight me. Sydney was wonderful, albeit wet and cold, so much for a warm weekend away from chilly Hobart. I caught up with so many friends, aquaintences, customers and stitchers. It is always so lovely to meet and chat face to face. And of course its great to feel the buzz of new patterns, new books, new fabrics and new gadgets.... For those coming to my Friendship day a few things were organised for you and also for my Huggles Club members who I constantly feel guilty about not keeping in touch with enough. Being on my own in the booth doesnt allow me to get out much so thankyou to all who came and said hi. If I didnt catch you, maybe next time...

I did meet the new owner of Honeysuckle Cottage, Kim and her lovely mum- and yes my jaw dropped as I had not heard this news. She has started a blog you may like to read. I am sure she is better than it than me.. She also has some pics up from Quilt Market. I didnt take my camera but my BIL Paul did so when he gets home from delivering Intelliquilters in the ACT I will get them and put them up so you can all see what it is like there.

So I have spent the week doing orders, folding patterns, processing sales and listing everyone on my website and mailing list whom I met for the first time in Sydney. Gee, I really wish I could have a full time marketing/folding/invoicing person to do this so I could just design and stitch - maybe one day........

Tommorrow is a big day however as Molly my 12 year old and her friend Lara also 12 are spending the day as chefs in my kitchen preparing a 5 course dinner for 7 adults. It is formal attire so we all have to dress up in our finest, Rohan (DH) has brought his Mess kit home to wear so guess I will have to drag out the finery and work out what I can sneak thermals underneath with. They have pored through the Donna Hay mags and many other cookbooks and come up with a menu, I have done the shopping today and others are bringing the appropriate drinks to match each course. The best china and cutlery is coming out (hasnt seen the light of day for quite some time) and Tess (my middle 9yr old) Caitlin (Lara's 13 yr old sister) and Callum (a friends son 8yrs) are going to be waiters. Should be quite a night - I'll take some pics and put up after for you.

Huggle hearts have started to arrive. Thankyou so much to all who are contributing to this. They are all a little different but all made from the heart. Here are 3 which came today - and then sorry my batteries went flat so will give you more tomorrow when they have recharged.

hugs to all, H

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Sydney Trade Show

heading off to the Quilt Market trade show in Sydney at Rosehill tomorrow until Sunday so have been busy preparing for that. So not much happening on the book manuscript although I have been busily stitching the extra five projects at nights in front of the heater as winter has arrived in Hobart.

We do have two snugglybug quilts back ready to be delivered to two special little girls, I have put pics here for you and they will go on the website too... As always a big thankyou to the ladies who give their time and contribute to these.... hugs always.. Helen