Thursday, 29 November 2007

time is ticking....

I havent forgotten, I know you are all waiting in anticipation (well I'd like to picture you all checking in on my blog every half hour:) ) -but I did say when all the orders are done from market. Unfortunately I worked my poor little printer (well its actually quite a big unit) a bit too hard and he has gone out in protest. So whilst a new part has to come from who knows where I cannot do anything about sending out the rest of the Boxes. Won't be too much longer though hopefully.

However, whilst having 'nothing else' to do today hahahehe... I have designed my next quilt for you. Actually all the block drawings have been done for a few months, I have just been waiting for the right range of fabrics to use and today they have been ordered and hopefully are winging their way through the skies as we speak (or type). I am supposed to be having down time over Christmas now for a few weeks and getting my chops into some competition and class sample quilts but I dont think I'll be able to resist starting this when the fabric goody bag arrives. I will have to be very strong. I have so many bday, wedding and christening presents (quilts) to finish and present - I have warned them they will come one day but I am sure my friends and family are wondering what 'one' day means... I used to be so good....

anyhow, enough chatter for now, off to finish colouring my mini lace sample.

one last thing, It is so exciting, my 3 year old today for the first time has let me wash her hair and brush it without a tear!! Those of you who know her and the hair she was born with will understand this dilemma and the dramas it has brought. Are we starting a new phase in life??
I am certainly hugging her tonight.... go hug someone you love


Wednesday, 21 November 2007

back from market

Yes I am home and sorting through all the details of the events of another great Quilt market in Melbourne. For those of you wondering this is an annual trade show for stores to shop and view new fabrics, notions, patterns and all things quilty. I love catching up with my stores face to face and all the other wonderful designers and inpirational people in our industry. After setting up on Friday it was all systems go for Saturday and Sunday trading days. I finally met face to face Rosalie, Melly, Leanne, Gail and Leanne M, Di from Ricketty Stitches, Liz and David from Teddlywinks and caught up with old friends Lynette, Natalie, Brenda, Kerrie, and many others too many to mention. We enjoyed a lovley greek banquet on Saturday evening and shared experiences, life and the bubbles!
This was my floor mat made from Verandah Scraps and pieced by Tess for me - well she started piecing then took over the pressing whilst I finished it. I thought it would brighten up the floor of my booth and make it more inviting but do you think people would walk on it??? I insisted it was just scraps but they tip toed around the edges and almost fell over rather than stepping on it..

a few quick visits to spotlight (who still happen to have my credit card I am assuming now that it has been lost in action, presumed dead and cancelled) for some quick props - unfortunately living on an island I cannot bring beautiful furniture and lovely props across the seas to 'dress' my booth so I am restricted to what I can do in an hour when I arrive. There is a funny story about my curtain rod, perhaps I'll tell that one another day.
so now that market is over and Nice People Nice Things has been released to a flurry of excitement, it is ready for shipping. I have listed all of the stores who decided to order at market on the npnt blog on a new page called stores. All of the new releases are also now on my website.
So now its packing time.....
I am really happy with the boxes and everyone else seemed to like them....

So for all of you who were not at market I have a little giveaway for one of you. Three mystery patterns from the new releases to be winging their way somewhere across the seas. I'll draw a name from comments when I have all the orders processed and out. That could be Friday or a week from now!!
so its off to beddy bies for me tonight.
Helen - sleep tight

home again

Home from a big few days in Melbourne. Yes its only an hour away by plane but a few long days of wonderful meetings, friends, new and old, and family.
Miss Molly came with me for the first time to experience the world of quilting and begin to 'learn the ropes' - well it did mean a couple of days with Grandma being totally spoilt and lots of shopping - she takes after her dad, a real bargain hunter but managed to buy a present for everyone...
I had the loveliest time teaching at Michelles Sewing Basket to 23 talented women who all achieved wonderful results. I'd like to think that has something to do with my teaching but I know they all had a lot of natural talent which shows in the results dont you think? With the sudden warm weather in Melbourne it was a hot and stuffy day in the classroom but chocolate from Michelle helped! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves if you are reading and have managed to finish your wallhangings. I'd love to see pics when you do..
Thanks so much to Michelle for hosting me and inviting me over.

I will post some pics and news of Quilt Market soon

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Pay it Forward

What a lovely time of year to be doing something nice just for the sake of it. I love this idea so read on below and the first 3 commenters will be on my 'list' - hopefully over the Chrissy break I'll have time to get my gifts organised...
okay, its time for bed now, will talk to you all next week after I have recovered from Market, hope to catch up with some of our other favourite Aussie designer friends, marvellous store owners, suppliers, inspirators and bloggers over the weekend...

hugs, Helen

It’s the Pay It Forward Exchange. It’s based of the concept of the movie “Pay it Forward” where acts or deeds of kindness are done without expecting something in return, just passing it on, with hope that the recipients of the acts of kindness are passed on. You all know I’m already a PIF type of person. So here’s how it works. I will make and send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment to this post on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I do not know what that gift will be yet, and it won’t be sent this month, probably not next month, but it will be sent (within 6 months) and that’s a promise! What YOU have to do in return, then, is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.

snugglybug rugs

Did you know that I have an email list of the most wonderful group of women who put their hand up whenever I ask. They are my snugglybug ladies who volunteer to make a block, assemble or quilt when a new request is made from the Royal Hobart Hospital. Above is a newly presented quilt for "Quinn" (not his real name) who is a 9 year old Carlton fan with two years of treatment ahead of him in hospitals, day treatments and surgeries. Many thanks to the nine blockmakers, to Kim for assembling and to Bronwyn of Esmes for quilting it.

Lilian - owner of Esmes in Launceston had a busy week for me also having Bronwyn quilt 'Sweet Charity' - the quilt made by all the ladies at the recent charity stitching day - Stitching in the Valley. This quilt is very large and would have been quite a challenge to get through my little Bernie... It will be raffled with proceeds funding backings for Snugglybug rugs for the next 12mths and then the rest donated to charity. I have also patterned this with a portion of sales going to charity each year. It does feel good to give something back when one can so this is my little contribution to the community I live in and to those less fortunate than me.
now I tried to upload a pic of it for you but it turned green??? will try again later - probably not until next week as I leave for Melbourne Quilt market at the crack of dawn Thursday. If any of you are attending please come say hello...My eldest daughter Molly is coming for the first time to help me out on the booth so say hi to her also to make her feel welcome..I am sure I am going to be very proud of her.
Im teaching two classes in Colourque at Michelles Sewing basket, they have been so excited and are so organised, I love to meet new stitching fanatics and see how they interpret my projects so will be a long but great day after a 4am start!

and before I go, did everyone see the gorgeous owl bunting on the
Last Minute Christmas Gift blog - I just have to make them...they are by Alex Rasmussen of Moonstitches.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Aussie quilt events

I have just followed a link to a great listing of all Aussie quilt events. It is on the Downunder quilts website but I have so many links in my favourites I can never find anything. So I am going to put it as a link on my blog so I and all of you can always find it and plan your trips and opportunities around them....

Now I need to tell you that although I did 'forget' to put my Last minute Christmas Gift countdown project on my blog, it is on the Cotton Spice website ever so nicely with all the other FREE projects.... and it will stay there until the whole event is over, so get over there quickly and d0wnload the pattern! Here is a pic for you of my little heart bag which some of you may have seen from my gathering - sorry I just didnt have time to make another new one, but if you couldnt make it to the gathering well now you have it for free!!!


Thursday, 8 November 2007

the quilt pic as promised

Nice people Nice Things quilt will soon be available. Here is the finsihed pic of the front. It measures 81" x 63" so is quite large but remember it is a Block of the week, so only one little 5" stitchery plus a verse to stitch each week - just enough to feed your addiction but quite doeable in a busy lifestyle or amongst other projects. It is put together in a Quilt as you go method so again easy to grow as you stitch or spend a week or two before Christmas putting it all together. It took me 4 full days to piece it all so I dont actually reccommend leaving it to the end. I prefer the idea of watching it grow. Of course the cards can be used for anything, even just cards to give away to special people in your lives or for many other projects. I am getting onto the blog which goes along with it where I hope people will share their projects and Nice stories. I will be featuring a different block from the quilt each week for 2008 as we stitch along.... I have used my favourite Presencia Finca #16 thread to stitch all the blocks. I'll show more about that later....Now I just hope the boxes arrive in time (slight problem with cutting dye today), the stickers from the other new printer, the card is delivered today, the printer holds out to print and cut them, and I get the brochure artwork finished and to the printer in time...! oh, so much to do... hope you like it, fingers crossed and everything else I can possibly cross
hugs, Helen

the back view, with 52 sayings or verses, I cheated and used fabrico pens to write instead of stitch them all in 3 weeks!

Monday, 5 November 2007

The Countdown

Only 1 day to go for the first FREE pattern in the Last Minute Gift Countdown, for us Aussies, yes it is the 5th here already but as Cotton Spice is a USA magazine then their 5th is our 6th so you will have to wait one more night! I must remember to check each day to download the patterns as not sure how long they will be left up there? And then I will HAVE to start thinking about Christmas...

Also I am watching with interest the ebay auction for the Universal Magazines Busting to Quilt goodies... I hope they get some good bids so the charity receives a worthy donation.

But for today, Kerrie, here is a sneak peek at your goodie parcel on its way to you today. Hope you have fun with them, can you read the verse in the background, I thought it suited nicely, it is one of hte 52 on the back of the Nice People Nice Things quilt...?
off to finish my 'skinny overnighter' quilt samples and finsih the instructions....



ooooohhhh. and my PJ party embroidery CD's have just arrived, how exciting....

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Nice people nice things

Firstly, I want to say a huge thankyou to all the wonderful ladies who shared our Stitching in the Valley charity day on Sunday. Do you know, I had my camera and was so busy and chatty all day forgot to even take it out of its bag - so I have no pictures to show you. I do have a queen size quilt here ready for quilting however so shall show you a pic once it is finished. We are also well on the way to selling our raffle tickets for it with proceeds going to the Snugglybug project for the next 12 months.

On Monday my Love is fabric finally arrived.... how exciting, all this fabric to play with...
Actually it was to 'work' with as all was ready and waiting for its arrival. Nothing like a deadline and last minute panic. I have since been sewing to the wee hours each night to have this quilt of the week - yes 54 designs, 63 blocks - finished within a week (instead of a year) for photography tomorrow for release in 2 weeks... finally got it all laid out to put together today, I had no area large enough to lay them out so had to do some rearranging.... It is now in five rows to be finished tomorrow... fingers crossed I have something to take with me to Melbourne in two weeks...

And of course fingers crossed people like it and the concept of Nice people and Nice things - remember if every stitcher did one nice thing a week across their family, their street, their town, their country or the world, wouldnt it be a nicer place...

A huge congrats to all the juried entries and winners at Houston, what an amazing display of quilts and well done to all the Aussies.... wish I could be there one year.... will keep dreaming...

now remember only 4 days to the Last Minute Christmas Gift countdown!

hugs for the last time today

Show day

I have been so busy I am catching you all up at once here tonight to have a break from sewing...
remember we were off to the Hobart show last week. A good time was had by all, the obligatory Dagwood dog (thankfully followed by some lovely fresh Tassie apples being given away), a ride or two and a showbag... Matilda experienced all for the first time, a teeny tiny taste of a showbag, and her first roller coaster - they were so cute raising their hands on the ups, high fives, screams down the dips... as you can see she had a wonderful day, and needed a little catch up at home before dinner...
hugs for family and family memories

I'm Late, I'm late.... for a very important date!

I know its been much longer than two weeks since I announced the draw for my 'special' patterns pack. Many excuses, none of them good enough to excuse my tardiness.... So here goes

Kerrie, you are the winner. Please email your snail mail addy and I'll get a lovely pack of patterns in the mail to you much quicker than it took me to draw your name....

By the way, my husband played for Alice in Wonderland the musical earlier this year and it is my girls current favourite CD in the car - Matilda knows every word for Zippedee doo dah - it is our current family song! - not quite the original version however, a lot of fun..

hugs again for today,


Busting to Quilt auction has started!

The ebay auction for the two Quilt for a Cure quilts has started.....
the links are as follows:

For Wisteria Girls

For Wisteria Rambling

please feel free to forward the links to anyone who may be interested in bidding with all funds raised going to this worthwhile cause, which I am sure has affected every one of us in some way.