Saturday, 29 September 2007

Esmes Girls

I had a long but lovely day yesterday at Esmes in Launceston teaching a new class to 8 wonderful ladies who all share my passion for stitching. This class was a new one for me and the first 'real' class I have taught in my new format using a video camera and projector so that everyone in class can see the demonstrations and technique up close and personal. I think it worked well and got some lovely positive feedback from which to continue to improve and value add to the class. See some pics of the wonderful results they all achieved... then it was back on the road home to Hobart amongst some wonderful water falling from the clouds which was welcomed by all.....

so from left to right if I remember correctly are Suzanne, Heather, Kerrie, Helen, Barbara

front - Rosie, Moo and Gloria all the way from Burnie

thankyou for a lovely day girls..... hope you enjoyed it as much as I did - cant wait to see pics of your finished wallhangings. And a big thanks to Lillian for hosting the day and 'feeding' me!



GO CATS!!!!! - for those who may not have heard!!! Geelong won the Grand Final of the Australian Football league today - very big for us Aussies!!!

my little helper

It is lovely to have help packing patterns and although I get a lot of folding done now I still do all the printing and fabric bits myself. However, Tillys help was done in a very generous spirit but unfortunately more staff training is needed before it's ready for debut in the big wide world!!
now mum will repress and refold, but thankyou very much for trying to help mummy!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

lidl fish

Growing up in Townsville my two eldest daughters lived 3 years of their life in a pool. Although we have a pool here in our backyard (yes in Hobart, would have appreciated it much more in T'ville) poor Tilly hasnt yet gotten to swimming lessons. (for non Australians' Townsville is right up the top of Australia and quite warm and tropical whereas Hobart is about as far south as you can go at the bottom of Australia and not very warm at all!) So today was the day for her first lesson - now that she is 3 I dont have to get in with her and scare all the little kiddlies so here is my big little girl all suited up to go.... of course she had tears and refused at first but is now rearing to go again next quickly they grow up....very excited, suited up and ready to gohey mum, this is quite fun.....look at me!
very pleased with oneself now that I'm back with mum....
now there was an ulterior motive in this swimming. It was supposed to tire her out... you see this child has never seemed to need much sleep - nowhere near as much as I need. So swimming was supposed to put her to bed early - and here she is sitting next to me at 10pm folding fabric for patterns for me!!! she was in bed, stories read, kiss goodnight, all the normal routine but decided she wasnt tired and could help mummy....
but... I need to be on the road by 7.30am after dropping kids off at 3 separate places to go to Launceston (21/2hrs away) to teach my Baltimore Beauty Colourque class tomorrow at Esmes. So she will be going to bed soon even if it is with me.... When I booked the date I forgot my husband is in Canberra for the Beating of the Retreat at Duntroon so will be a big day getting home in time for dinner! And Molly (12) who is very capable will look after the kids and get dinner ready - isnt she wondeful?
So I should get off of here now so hugs for today

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Madly stitching

I am madly stitching and have worked out I need to finish 2 or 3 stitcheries every night to get this Nice People Nice things project ready for you all in time, and thats without my other designs to stitch and finish also. So just a quick peek of tonights here although I still have another to finish so back to it I guess.
My babies are back from camp, very tired but having had a wonderful time. Poor Molly had many new experiences the most memorable meeting the ocean face to face whilst leaning over the side of the boat for the entire fishing trip... Lucky fish I guess. Snorkelling was their favourite seeing a gummy shark and many fish and corals off Maria Island. Many stories to tell, many new friends and many adventures. I am so glad we are were able to give them this chance.

Now I also have to say 'Go Cats'! sorry Leonie, they certainly took it to them and my pulse was racing.... next week will be very exciting...

so needle and thread in hand, away I must go for now

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Lynette's visit

Had a lovely chat with Lynette Anderson and her charming hubby Vince today at The Quilted Crow. Now Lynette said she ran out of time to tell you all on her blog where she was off to, so if you are worried about her as her dear mum was, then I can tell you she is well and well travelled having spent the last week almost travelling our lovely state. The official photographer (Vince) took some pics of us all today and she will post them plus many more I am sure on her blog on her return...

They have all their projects for the Christmas Gathering in the store now and will soon have them on their blog also. Its going to be a wonderful feelgood day and I am so looking forward to it.

Of course whilst at the Quilted Crow I had to buy something - dont we all? So some lovely Day in the Country fabric for a quick quilt idea I have been dreaming up and some ribbons to finish off Kim's Christmas Club project for 2008. Can't show it all, its a surprise, but here's a peek!

I'm not sure if you can sign up for the Honeysuckle Christmas Club yet but keep an eye out for it for Kim somehow manages to get all the wonderful Aussie designers to make great projects just for club members. You even get a kit to make it posted to your letterbox every month.. What fun and what excitement!!

Well, I'm still suffering from my Tassie Flu which I suspect may have developed into a sinus infection down here but at least the weather has been nicer. Enjoying my few days of Peace with just Matilda and I whilst the big girls are on their guide camp and Rohan is on his Band least he gets to go to the footy on Friday night - for overseas people - its Australian Rules Football finals season at present and his home team of Geelong is actually in with a winning chance for the first time in his lifetime! Sorry Leonie, Collingwood dont have a chance!

So off to do some more stitching in peace, have about 40 more to go for the 'Nice People Nice Things project' so really shouldnt be down here on this computer at all!

hugs for today

Saturday, 15 September 2007

New class sample

I have finally finished my Blessed Beauty Wallhanging I have been working on in between frantically stitching 104 designs for the Nice People Nice Things project. This wallhanging will be used to teach step by step the Colourque method and it will be so step by step I am confident everyone's quilt will look just as beautiful as the original... This class is already filling at Esmes Launceston for the 28th September and at Michelles Sewing Basket on Thursday 15th November (yes I am now coming a day earlier to Quilt Market so that I can squeeze a couple of classes in here with some lovely ladies at Ringwood).

My girls have been busy packing for Guide Camp at Maria Island today. They head off for 5 days in the morning and are very excited. They look so loaded up with full backpacks, day pack and bedding roll, I just wonder how they are going to trek with all of this?? They will be doing activities like snorkelling, fishing, bush walking etc. Quambatook, as it is called is a state camp held every two years somewhere in Tasmania.

It will be just Tilly and I for a few wonderful quiet days together here this week. Lets hope the weather stays fine although we have 6 degree nights forecast.. And I hope to get lots of lovely stitching done - baked beans on toast will keep me quite happy for the week...

hugs for today,


Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Wedding cupcakes

We were lucky enough to go to a lovely wedding on Sunday in a most serene setting amongst the peaceful bush of Sandford South of Hobart. The wedding cake was made by a friends mother and was made in a style which I love - cupcakes for all... and they were yummy too!

So pretty in pink
Have a look at the blog listed under my 'blogs I read' called 52 cupcakes. she always has the most amazing pictures of cupcakes to make your mouth water..... who doesnt like cupcakes?? dont think anyone will put their hand up to that.


I am very lucky to have a clever sister who is a Longarm quilter and very good at McTavishing. So, many of my wonderful quilts including all of the projects for my Colourque book have been "McTavished' by her. When making up a new design for a class project for Colourque I thought it was high time I had a go. Now I know I should have doodled on paper for a few weeks first, but not me, no boots and all, straight to the project...... I dont think it turned out too badly for a first effort. I am sure I can improve and develop my own style over time....

Oh if you dont know what McTavishing is - it is simply a free machine background quilting filler design developed by Karen McTavish - hence its name. My Daisy Dance quilt which was heavily McTavished (By Tracey) features in her book 'Mastering The Art of McTavishing' which was very exciting.

I then used the Golden Threads magic quilting paper and ironed an original design onto it to stitch onto the borders and then did a little more free machine quilting in the borders..... All on my Bernina baby which I have finally reaquainted myself with..... was actually quite fun, think I'll play with this some more...

bye for now, hugs


When Friends Gather

Have just gotten off the telephone from Tracy of Tinkers Cart. Our trip to Townsville next year sounds so exciting, she is really getting some special things happening for all the lucky ladies going to the When Friends Gather day in March 2008. Just writing this quick message to let you know she has gotten up the courage to start a blog. Have a peek here... (for overseas readers Townsville is in the far north of Queensland and is very tropical and relaxing. I spent three wonderful years there with my family on an army posting and am very excited to be going back to visit)

I promise I'll write more soon, have my parents visiting from interstate so they are busy packing patterns and refilling all my half empty pigeon holes bless them... am suffering from the Tassie flu - yes finally succumbed, have poor Tilly on antibiotics with double ear infections, Molly with sore throat and no voice and Tess just being Tess. It is school holidays so they are taking a well needed rest before Guide camp at Maria Island next week...

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

pencil sale

For those of you who love doing my Colourque pencil colouring - if you are in Australia, I notice that this weeks Target catalogue has 20% off all Derwent range. Stock up ladies.....

on another note, I received a lovely thankyou card from Rosie, the last recipient of a Snugglybug Rug. It read:
To the Caring Quilting mothers who made my Snuggly Bug Rug,
I highly appreciated it, its beautiful and made of my favourite colours and designs.
It will keep me warm when I'm cold.
thankyou very much
from 'Rosie' (not her real name)

So its lovely to know that even in a traumatic time for her she took the time to write this card of thanks - I hope it helps her through her hospital visits and treatment sessions, keeping her warm and comforted....

hugs to all who helped once more


have you seen this?

This blog link which was originally an ebay auction listing is going around at present. It is a really good read and has made this woman famous.... and begun a whole new life for her. You wont be able to stop reading as so much of it we can associate with in some way, she certainly has a way with words.... There has been some angst on some of my lists, some for her, some against.... I can really appreciate her life and I only have three little darlings but I really admire women who can be just mothers and devote their whole lives to their children.... to explain that, I would do anything for my children first and foremost but I still need to achieve something for myself each day also, does that make me selfish? I think it makes me a better my case anyway.
So have a good laugh and a good read, make sure to scroll down to the ebay auction which started it all...

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Townsville 2008

wow, yet another post from me tonight. Ro is out listening to bands, girls in bed, will get a few in whilst I have time. Janet of Wildcraft farm posted about the special invitation to

Tinkers Cart Quilting Shop invites you to come and join us for a one day Retreat on Saturday March 1st, 2008 at Pimlico Performing Arts Centre

Myself, Janet and Rosalie Quinlan are the guest tutors and this is exciting for me as I spent 3 years in Townsville and would love to go back and catch up with old friends and see how the town has changed. And I will get to meet Janet and Rosalie, friends in passion of stitching if not yet in life and spend a couple of wonderful days with likeminded women. And to make my trip even more exciting it looks like I'll also be stopping off to teach for a couple of days at Eumundi at the beautiful Kindred Spirits B&B - have a look at the website, it looks like Heaven and Sue and Jim have been working on this dream as long as I have known them. Then although not yet confirmed a couple of days teaching in Brisbane before returning home. I will be teaching Colourque(R) projects and beautiful gathering projects (had better get my pencil going again).

And I have also been confirmed to teach at the HMQS show in Salt Lake City in May of 2008 so shaping up to be a busy year already... I will be teaching Blessed Baltimore and Mini Lace classes in Utah. Hopefully I'll be able to source a couple of more stores or places to teach between there and Market which is in Portland Oregon next year.

bye again, I really do need to fold a few hundred Huggettes which were supposed to be done tonight for an order to ship on Monday.


therapy of stitching

I met a lovely lady yesterday who came to my home studio. She hasnt had a wonderful life and has struggled through much of it battling things many of us have just not had to deal with. However, she has found stitching and has finally found happiness and passion in it. It has given her confidence that she can achieve and she is a whole person of goodness and strength. This reinforced my belief that stitching and the stitching community is therapeautic and all my work is worth it if it helps just one person to live a happier life...

on that note, my Stitching in the valley has been postponed to the 28th October. This is a day of stitching, sharing, caring and working together as women to make a difference to our lives and others.

stitch on girls..... and pass your passion to many


Spring tease

Thursday wasnt quite Spring here but we were teased with a beautiful day, didnt last long as today (the official first day of spring) brought rain and our normal 9 degrees..
However Thursday also was the day I got both a new phone and a new camera. Havent had time to read any instructions yet but being the first day of spring today I just had to play and find some small evidence that Spring is going to come. My garden still has mostly its winter coat on but there are some tiny peeks of a new year appearing..... Lynette, I'd still suggest a coat!

sorry there are so many but I was so excited it takes lovely macro photos and it was free! And so far my vegie patch has survived the frosts.
Happy first day of Spring everybody - my favourite season, full of new life and new beginnings.

tags x 3

Okay so I have my 3rd tag now and they are all different challenges so I'll start with the last one first!

This one came from Tracey at Plumcute and Tracey this is a rookie tag for me also so see how we go.

Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

okay so my middle name is short and sweet - Lee

L - learner - I am constantly thriving on learning new things. I was not too bad at school and got a few awards for learning here and there. I was a person who liked facts and definite answers to things so Maths was good, English was my poorest subject... And of course I loved art but had to drop that for music, my first passion and profession for 13 years of my working life. I believe that there is always something new to learn, no-one will ever know everything about a single subject or the world and life in general. If we think we do our life will stop evolving.

E- enthusiasm - I dont think I have been a person to give up easily. I wouldnt say I was a perfectionist, actually far from it. I am easily swayed by people telling me about myself and struggle to remind myself that I am doing okay in life. A lot of things dont and havent come easily to me, I have had to persist on trying but it is worth it in the end. When it comes to ideas in stitching, seeing the positive in people, seeing the effect my creations can have on others and seeing the stars in my girls eyes, I am enthusiastic about my life so far, my family and my passion.

and another E - mmmmm... energy...... physical activity is my downfall. I have never excelled at sport and would rather do almost anything than go to the gym - well it is my last priority in my time poor schedule. I do love a nice walk in the bush (and we have the best bushwalks down here in Tassie) and have had to challenge myself physically many times in life (particularly in the Army).... however, that doesnt mean I dont have energy.... for life... Just hope I can keep on keeping on for many years to come.. My next challenge to myself is the Overland Track...

So thats tag one.

Tag two rules - this one I was tagged by Sarah

RULES - Post rules before giving the facts - Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves - People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules - At the end of the your blog you need to tag eight people and list their names - Leave them a comment on their blog, telling them they have been tagged and not to forget to read your blog.

1. my first career was as a soldier
2. I first fainted whilst watching my dad's toe being cut off by the DR (he was very accident prone)
3. My favourite chocolates are Cadbury Boost bars and Black Forest Chocolate
4. I have been a Coles checkout chic and a Bilo night shelf stacker
5. I built my first house at 18 - well I paid for it to be built, I just build the deck and shed.
6. my favourite flower is the Rose
7. I am married to a rock drummer
8. if I didnt use hair colour monthly I would be completely grey.

and No 3 from Lynette
Okay now this one I have to tell you another seven random things about myself and then tag 7 other people who have to do the same!

so here goes
1. I have an addiction - anything sweet
2. I have another addiction - anything involving stitching
3. I have three girly girls and I love them all
4. I grew up on a farm surrounded by swamps near a small town of 1500 people.
5. I got my licence the day I turned 16 and my first car and pride and joy was an EJ Holden.
6. My greatest phobia is snakes - and I grew up surrounded by tiger snakes, one of the worlds most dangerous..
7. I wish I had studied Art formally and hope to do it still one day. Never too late to learn.

Now to tag lets see, 5 + 8 + 7 people, I dont know that many with blogs so am just going to do a few and they can choose which tag to do....

here goes, Tracey, Karen, Lisa, Leonie, Donna and I'll have to think of a few more later...