Tuesday, 11 September 2007

When Friends Gather

Have just gotten off the telephone from Tracy of Tinkers Cart. Our trip to Townsville next year sounds so exciting, she is really getting some special things happening for all the lucky ladies going to the When Friends Gather day in March 2008. Just writing this quick message to let you know she has gotten up the courage to start a blog. Have a peek here... (for overseas readers Townsville is in the far north of Queensland and is very tropical and relaxing. I spent three wonderful years there with my family on an army posting and am very excited to be going back to visit)

I promise I'll write more soon, have my parents visiting from interstate so they are busy packing patterns and refilling all my half empty pigeon holes bless them... am suffering from the Tassie flu - yes finally succumbed, have poor Tilly on antibiotics with double ear infections, Molly with sore throat and no voice and Tess just being Tess. It is school holidays so they are taking a well needed rest before Guide camp at Maria Island next week...

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