Tuesday, 4 September 2007

have you seen this?

This blog link which was originally an ebay auction listing is going around at present. It is a really good read and has made this woman famous.... and begun a whole new life for her. You wont be able to stop reading as so much of it we can associate with in some way, she certainly has a way with words.... There has been some angst on some of my lists, some for her, some against.... I can really appreciate her life and I only have three little darlings but I really admire women who can be just mothers and devote their whole lives to their children.... to explain that, I would do anything for my children first and foremost but I still need to achieve something for myself each day also, does that make me selfish? I think it makes me a better mum....in my case anyway.

So have a good laugh and a good read, make sure to scroll down to the ebay auction which started it all...

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