Thursday, 27 September 2007

lidl fish

Growing up in Townsville my two eldest daughters lived 3 years of their life in a pool. Although we have a pool here in our backyard (yes in Hobart, would have appreciated it much more in T'ville) poor Tilly hasnt yet gotten to swimming lessons. (for non Australians' Townsville is right up the top of Australia and quite warm and tropical whereas Hobart is about as far south as you can go at the bottom of Australia and not very warm at all!) So today was the day for her first lesson - now that she is 3 I dont have to get in with her and scare all the little kiddlies so here is my big little girl all suited up to go.... of course she had tears and refused at first but is now rearing to go again next quickly they grow up....very excited, suited up and ready to gohey mum, this is quite fun.....look at me!
very pleased with oneself now that I'm back with mum....
now there was an ulterior motive in this swimming. It was supposed to tire her out... you see this child has never seemed to need much sleep - nowhere near as much as I need. So swimming was supposed to put her to bed early - and here she is sitting next to me at 10pm folding fabric for patterns for me!!! she was in bed, stories read, kiss goodnight, all the normal routine but decided she wasnt tired and could help mummy....
but... I need to be on the road by 7.30am after dropping kids off at 3 separate places to go to Launceston (21/2hrs away) to teach my Baltimore Beauty Colourque class tomorrow at Esmes. So she will be going to bed soon even if it is with me.... When I booked the date I forgot my husband is in Canberra for the Beating of the Retreat at Duntroon so will be a big day getting home in time for dinner! And Molly (12) who is very capable will look after the kids and get dinner ready - isnt she wondeful?
So I should get off of here now so hugs for today

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