Tuesday, 4 September 2007

pencil sale

For those of you who love doing my Colourque pencil colouring - if you are in Australia, I notice that this weeks Target catalogue has 20% off all Derwent range. Stock up ladies.....

on another note, I received a lovely thankyou card from Rosie, the last recipient of a Snugglybug Rug. It read:
To the Caring Quilting mothers who made my Snuggly Bug Rug,
I highly appreciated it, its beautiful and made of my favourite colours and designs.
It will keep me warm when I'm cold.
thankyou very much
from 'Rosie' (not her real name)

So its lovely to know that even in a traumatic time for her she took the time to write this card of thanks - I hope it helps her through her hospital visits and treatment sessions, keeping her warm and comforted....

hugs to all who helped once more


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