Sunday, 23 September 2007

Madly stitching

I am madly stitching and have worked out I need to finish 2 or 3 stitcheries every night to get this Nice People Nice things project ready for you all in time, and thats without my other designs to stitch and finish also. So just a quick peek of tonights here although I still have another to finish so back to it I guess.
My babies are back from camp, very tired but having had a wonderful time. Poor Molly had many new experiences the most memorable meeting the ocean face to face whilst leaning over the side of the boat for the entire fishing trip... Lucky fish I guess. Snorkelling was their favourite seeing a gummy shark and many fish and corals off Maria Island. Many stories to tell, many new friends and many adventures. I am so glad we are were able to give them this chance.

Now I also have to say 'Go Cats'! sorry Leonie, they certainly took it to them and my pulse was racing.... next week will be very exciting...

so needle and thread in hand, away I must go for now

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Lisa said...

So looking forward to a bigger peek of this project Helen!