Friday, 25 January 2008

workshop preps

I have been busy colouring samples for classes in the US in May - a bit scary for me, first time overseas and in such a big show situation. Here are some different versions of my Mini Lace class. These are based of course on the big Lace#2 quilt designed by my sister Tracey which we exhibited last year. I have another practise class down here soon with some friends, then its onto the real thing in Qld in March, then the US in May. Hermione of Lorien Quilting has digitised my design so Tracey can stitch it out on her Intelliquilter so all the students have to do on the day is have fun colouring and they have a beautiful quilted and Colourque'd panel to take home.. I havent yet done the background quilting yet so have some free motion quilting and binding to go.

This is the one they will be doing in class, using the same colours and type of pencil as in the original Lace#2.
This version has been done using watercolour pencils in two colours only.
Of course now I am playing with one in the inktense range just to show how it looks but I really dont think the design lends itself to 'brights' - I'll show you when Im done.

For my US readers, I am teaching at HMQS in Salt Lake City, then am off to Portland OR. I have a couple of spare days either side of both shows so if you are near and have a group or local store who may be interested I may be able to squeeze in a couple of extra classes. Just email me to see, I'd love to meet you in person.
anyway, back to work, talk later
hugs Helen

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

more snuggles

thankyou thankyou again to my wonderful Snugglybugglers. The quilt below was delivered today to the Royal Hobart Hospital for Ricky, a young boy experiencing trauma and struggles in his little life.... I hope and trust that it gives him some comfort and wraps him as 'snug as a bug in a rug' whilst he is undergoing his treatment.... thankyou to the 9 wonderful block makers, Kim for assembling and Bronwyn at Esmes for quilting once again.... you are all wonderful sharing women and the world is a better place for having you in it!

all our love and strength goes to you Ricky....(not his real name)
remember, hug your kids today, they are very special and are irreplaceable... even when they dont want their photo taken - and she looked so pretty!


Friday, 18 January 2008

Colour me please?

I am supposed to using my 'holiday' time to work on some quilts for our Tasmanian Quilters Guild exhibition this year and also to take to the US for my classes. This is a test or practise piece I have been playing with using some new pencils which I've actually had for 12months but havent had much of a chance to play with. Tilly thinks it 'beaufidul' but I am not yet convinced. Do you think I should colour the whole quilt? - that wasnt my original intention... I wanted the black and white allover with just splashes of bright colour. I will keep playing before moving onto the real thing perhaps...

a little more practise on my free quilting skills (black thread on white fabric gives you no room for error!) and a lot more practise on my photography skills needed...
what have you been doing today?

Thursday, 17 January 2008

good friends, good food, good weather

what more could we ask for.... a lovely day spent with wonderful friends on their beautiful property at Castle Forbes Bay today. Liz and Geoff have the most wonderful garden and a lovely B&B Camelia Cottage. And Liz is a quilter and stitcher.... gracious hosts and lovely friends. They have a myriad of animals including a couple of sheep, cows, chickens, Zac the cockatoo, Daisy the dog, Paris the cat and the Goat!! Can you believe he put his head through this barbed wire fence at least 40 times and not once did he catch himself on the barbs.....can you see his eye? have you ever studied a goats eye before? how interesting, a rectangular pupil and no cornea.... Tilly enjoyed every bit of the space, freedom and fresh air as we all did... thanks for a lovely day...

Oh, did I mention Liz was a quilter. I got to see today her finished Daisy Dance quilt sitting proudly on her bed. Liz hand appliqued, machine pieced and hand quilted this over 18mths finishing it last year. Didnt she do a wonderful job? I am sorry my photographic skills are not better to show you better how lovely it looks.

Monday, 14 January 2008

happy birthday

my first baby turned 13 on Saturday and my husband turned 40 something today! a weekend of celebration, of growing up, of transformation into a beautiful young woman.... I cannot believe the last 13 years have passed so quickly.
Hug your loved ones today, treasure every moment and every memory.... they are irreplaceable and make ones life worth living.....

I love you M and R.
Hugs for today

Thursday, 10 January 2008


teaser. Television Slang. a short scene or highlight shown at the beginning of a film or television show to attract the audience's attention.

If you havent already booked for
When friends Gather, I think you had better click the link right now as it is nearly full. I am so excited to be going back to Townsville in March to visit old friends and stitchers.... and get to know Rosie and Janet more whilst having a lot of fun... see I am working - well sort of...

Advent Calendar

It is always so nice to see how others make up your patterns and I really like it when they put their own personal touch on things. Sarah has sent in a pic of her version of the Advent Calendar which was in the Christmas in July issue of Homespun last year. And she has just bought a new whizz bag sewing machine so I expect to see a lot more from her very soon.... thanks Sarah. Has anyone else made this one?


Friday, 4 January 2008

calling Judy B

Sorry, but Judy I still need your address to send your magazine to. You dont have your email enabled so I hope you will pop back one day to read this message as I'd hate you to miss out now.

RIP Kenny

Yes I am still here taking some R&R Time out with the family (and doing a bit of stitching in between times). I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and have welcomed 2008 with vitality and passion for all that is good in your life. Boxing day brought the end of one of lifes' joy's for my parents and a favourite friend on our visits to home. We will all miss him but he is now in a better place after a wonderful life on this earth.

RIP Kenny - a long time ago - 26th December 2007
hugs to all