Thursday, 17 January 2008

good friends, good food, good weather

what more could we ask for.... a lovely day spent with wonderful friends on their beautiful property at Castle Forbes Bay today. Liz and Geoff have the most wonderful garden and a lovely B&B Camelia Cottage. And Liz is a quilter and stitcher.... gracious hosts and lovely friends. They have a myriad of animals including a couple of sheep, cows, chickens, Zac the cockatoo, Daisy the dog, Paris the cat and the Goat!! Can you believe he put his head through this barbed wire fence at least 40 times and not once did he catch himself on the barbs.....can you see his eye? have you ever studied a goats eye before? how interesting, a rectangular pupil and no cornea.... Tilly enjoyed every bit of the space, freedom and fresh air as we all did... thanks for a lovely day...

Oh, did I mention Liz was a quilter. I got to see today her finished Daisy Dance quilt sitting proudly on her bed. Liz hand appliqued, machine pieced and hand quilted this over 18mths finishing it last year. Didnt she do a wonderful job? I am sorry my photographic skills are not better to show you better how lovely it looks.

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