Monday, 12 May 2008

Quilting in the USA - Portland here we come

hi all, and Happy Mothers Day - belated for all Aussie Mums but today for those of us here in the US. We are cooking an Aussie pavlova for our Salt Lake City hosts for a Mothers Day dinner but I do miss my kids on this special day.
Whilst I have just a few hours to sort things before moving onto Portland tommorrow I thought I'd share some peeks at the final products you've been watching grow over the past few months. Ready to go this week are our fun and friendly Boobie Buttons and the Stitcher's Takeaways. I think they came out quite good and the quilters of Salt lake City HMQS show loved them. A huge thanks to Sarah for taking some great pics for me very quickly before I left Australia. And to Jo who had a week to make some great models for me which I'll show you later - she has some pics here.
Talk again soon, I'll show you some pics of our Tabernacle broadcast this morning soon.
hugs, Helen

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Summer in Salt Lake City

I sit here writing from Peggy's dining table with this view out of the window. I am sure that someone is following me around holding up a big stage backdrop. It is so beautiful yet so surreal. In every direction you see snowed topped mountains, something we rarely if ever see in Australia. It is actually quite warm, about 80degrees (I think about 22C) so of course I have packed all of the wrong clothes after finding out it snowed here last week. But we have arrived, safely and severely suffering lack of sleep but we have one more night to adjust before setting up for HMQS tomorrow.

We have the lovely company of Derek and Peggy for 5 days, wonderful hosts and lovely people including the use of their internet hence my post today whilst I have a minute to spare. I shall try to get pictures of the shows for you all so you can join in the fun. You can see some more of our cuter hosts here.
til then, hope you are stitching
hugs, Helen