Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Lynette's visit

Had a lovely chat with Lynette Anderson and her charming hubby Vince today at The Quilted Crow. Now Lynette said she ran out of time to tell you all on her blog where she was off to, so if you are worried about her as her dear mum was, then I can tell you she is well and well travelled having spent the last week almost travelling our lovely state. The official photographer (Vince) took some pics of us all today and she will post them plus many more I am sure on her blog on her return...

They have all their projects for the Christmas Gathering in the store now and will soon have them on their blog also. Its going to be a wonderful feelgood day and I am so looking forward to it.

Of course whilst at the Quilted Crow I had to buy something - dont we all? So some lovely Day in the Country fabric for a quick quilt idea I have been dreaming up and some ribbons to finish off Kim's Christmas Club project for 2008. Can't show it all, its a surprise, but here's a peek!

I'm not sure if you can sign up for the Honeysuckle Christmas Club yet but keep an eye out for it for Kim somehow manages to get all the wonderful Aussie designers to make great projects just for club members. You even get a kit to make it posted to your letterbox every month.. What fun and what excitement!!

Well, I'm still suffering from my Tassie Flu which I suspect may have developed into a sinus infection down here but at least the weather has been nicer. Enjoying my few days of Peace with just Matilda and I whilst the big girls are on their guide camp and Rohan is on his Band least he gets to go to the footy on Friday night - for overseas people - its Australian Rules Football finals season at present and his home team of Geelong is actually in with a winning chance for the first time in his lifetime! Sorry Leonie, Collingwood dont have a chance!

So off to do some more stitching in peace, have about 40 more to go for the 'Nice People Nice Things project' so really shouldnt be down here on this computer at all!

hugs for today


Tracy said...

Can't wait to see the finished project from you sneak looks wonderful!

Helen Stubbings said...

gee thanks Tracy, I think its cute but it has turned out rather large...Dont think it will be released until one of the months of next year (could be any month as its a year long club I think) so you will just have to wait and see......