Wednesday, 21 November 2007

home again

Home from a big few days in Melbourne. Yes its only an hour away by plane but a few long days of wonderful meetings, friends, new and old, and family.
Miss Molly came with me for the first time to experience the world of quilting and begin to 'learn the ropes' - well it did mean a couple of days with Grandma being totally spoilt and lots of shopping - she takes after her dad, a real bargain hunter but managed to buy a present for everyone...
I had the loveliest time teaching at Michelles Sewing Basket to 23 talented women who all achieved wonderful results. I'd like to think that has something to do with my teaching but I know they all had a lot of natural talent which shows in the results dont you think? With the sudden warm weather in Melbourne it was a hot and stuffy day in the classroom but chocolate from Michelle helped! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves if you are reading and have managed to finish your wallhangings. I'd love to see pics when you do..
Thanks so much to Michelle for hosting me and inviting me over.

I will post some pics and news of Quilt Market soon

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