Monday, 5 November 2007

The Countdown

Only 1 day to go for the first FREE pattern in the Last Minute Gift Countdown, for us Aussies, yes it is the 5th here already but as Cotton Spice is a USA magazine then their 5th is our 6th so you will have to wait one more night! I must remember to check each day to download the patterns as not sure how long they will be left up there? And then I will HAVE to start thinking about Christmas...

Also I am watching with interest the ebay auction for the Universal Magazines Busting to Quilt goodies... I hope they get some good bids so the charity receives a worthy donation.

But for today, Kerrie, here is a sneak peek at your goodie parcel on its way to you today. Hope you have fun with them, can you read the verse in the background, I thought it suited nicely, it is one of hte 52 on the back of the Nice People Nice Things quilt...?
off to finish my 'skinny overnighter' quilt samples and finsih the instructions....



ooooohhhh. and my PJ party embroidery CD's have just arrived, how exciting....

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