Thursday, 8 November 2007

the quilt pic as promised

Nice people Nice Things quilt will soon be available. Here is the finsihed pic of the front. It measures 81" x 63" so is quite large but remember it is a Block of the week, so only one little 5" stitchery plus a verse to stitch each week - just enough to feed your addiction but quite doeable in a busy lifestyle or amongst other projects. It is put together in a Quilt as you go method so again easy to grow as you stitch or spend a week or two before Christmas putting it all together. It took me 4 full days to piece it all so I dont actually reccommend leaving it to the end. I prefer the idea of watching it grow. Of course the cards can be used for anything, even just cards to give away to special people in your lives or for many other projects. I am getting onto the blog which goes along with it where I hope people will share their projects and Nice stories. I will be featuring a different block from the quilt each week for 2008 as we stitch along.... I have used my favourite Presencia Finca #16 thread to stitch all the blocks. I'll show more about that later....Now I just hope the boxes arrive in time (slight problem with cutting dye today), the stickers from the other new printer, the card is delivered today, the printer holds out to print and cut them, and I get the brochure artwork finished and to the printer in time...! oh, so much to do... hope you like it, fingers crossed and everything else I can possibly cross
hugs, Helen

the back view, with 52 sayings or verses, I cheated and used fabrico pens to write instead of stitch them all in 3 weeks!


Lynette Anderson said...

Brilliant idea and the quilt looks gorgeous, can hardly wait to see it at the AQM. May even have to stitch one myself.

Kim said...

Helen, your quilt and concept are just gorgeous. Congratulations.