Tuesday, 13 November 2007

snugglybug rugs

Did you know that I have an email list of the most wonderful group of women who put their hand up whenever I ask. They are my snugglybug ladies who volunteer to make a block, assemble or quilt when a new request is made from the Royal Hobart Hospital. Above is a newly presented quilt for "Quinn" (not his real name) who is a 9 year old Carlton fan with two years of treatment ahead of him in hospitals, day treatments and surgeries. Many thanks to the nine blockmakers, to Kim for assembling and to Bronwyn of Esmes for quilting it.

Lilian - owner of Esmes in Launceston had a busy week for me also having Bronwyn quilt 'Sweet Charity' - the quilt made by all the ladies at the recent charity stitching day - Stitching in the Valley. This quilt is very large and would have been quite a challenge to get through my little Bernie... It will be raffled with proceeds funding backings for Snugglybug rugs for the next 12mths and then the rest donated to charity. I have also patterned this with a portion of sales going to charity each year. It does feel good to give something back when one can so this is my little contribution to the community I live in and to those less fortunate than me.
now I tried to upload a pic of it for you but it turned green??? will try again later - probably not until next week as I leave for Melbourne Quilt market at the crack of dawn Thursday. If any of you are attending please come say hello...My eldest daughter Molly is coming for the first time to help me out on the booth so say hi to her also to make her feel welcome..I am sure I am going to be very proud of her.
Im teaching two classes in Colourque at Michelles Sewing basket, they have been so excited and are so organised, I love to meet new stitching fanatics and see how they interpret my projects so will be a long but great day after a 4am start!

and before I go, did everyone see the gorgeous owl bunting on the
Last Minute Christmas Gift blog - I just have to make them...they are by Alex Rasmussen of Moonstitches.

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