Thursday, 29 November 2007

time is ticking....

I havent forgotten, I know you are all waiting in anticipation (well I'd like to picture you all checking in on my blog every half hour:) ) -but I did say when all the orders are done from market. Unfortunately I worked my poor little printer (well its actually quite a big unit) a bit too hard and he has gone out in protest. So whilst a new part has to come from who knows where I cannot do anything about sending out the rest of the Boxes. Won't be too much longer though hopefully.

However, whilst having 'nothing else' to do today hahahehe... I have designed my next quilt for you. Actually all the block drawings have been done for a few months, I have just been waiting for the right range of fabrics to use and today they have been ordered and hopefully are winging their way through the skies as we speak (or type). I am supposed to be having down time over Christmas now for a few weeks and getting my chops into some competition and class sample quilts but I dont think I'll be able to resist starting this when the fabric goody bag arrives. I will have to be very strong. I have so many bday, wedding and christening presents (quilts) to finish and present - I have warned them they will come one day but I am sure my friends and family are wondering what 'one' day means... I used to be so good....

anyhow, enough chatter for now, off to finish colouring my mini lace sample.

one last thing, It is so exciting, my 3 year old today for the first time has let me wash her hair and brush it without a tear!! Those of you who know her and the hair she was born with will understand this dilemma and the dramas it has brought. Are we starting a new phase in life??
I am certainly hugging her tonight.... go hug someone you love


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