Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Jen's skinny mini

hi all, (yes I am still packing orders!)
I recently released my new
'Skinny Mini' pattern at Quilt market in Melbourne, carrots and all.... Now Jennifer and Terry Minchinton have just bought Patchwork by Sea in Brighton, South Australia - right on the beautiful Brighton beach (well a couple of stores around the corner) and are full of enthusiasm. Look at the wonderful sample Jen has already finished and sent me a pic of. I love to get pics of projects made by others in different fabrics etc. Jen has already kitted this in this green colourway, pinks or blues. The beauty of the 'Skinny Mini' is that it uses just skinny quarters and the top can easily be finished in an hour. These are the three versions I made for the booth in Melbourne. The blue one also doubled as a long overdue baby gift for 'Clancy' - hopefully he'll get it by Christmas.

hugs for today


chook said...

wow just beautiful I love them all oh dear now I have another thing I NEED to make HEHEHEHE
hugs Beth

Janellybelly said...

Oh, they're just lovely. The Chocolate and Pink quilt looks very Chic!

madhatter said...

They are adorable - each in its own colorway!
The green one is kind of soothing, the pink one pure joy, the blue one makes me wish for snow and ice-skating on a lake, and the chocolate one is just YUMMY!!!