Friday, 21 December 2007

Happy Christmas

as we wind down for a family Christmas break I have been attempting to catch up on a few long unfinished items. So first finished was Stars for Henry which was for his birth. Now Henry turns 2 on Jan 6th 2008 so Im not too late!!! I also shipped off Clancy's quilt with his Christmas present - it was the blue version of Skinny mini, now he is only 4 months old so I was good there wasnt I?
Stars for Henry was made using my blue stash = my first collection of fabrics was always blues, not sure why but I had heaps including many handdyeds from my dying days. Seem to have more blues than anything. I also used six star blocks which were given to me as my first and only birthday block swap. The colours were great, I'd always liked them but had never had time to make more to have enough for a quilt. I think it looks pretty good dont you. It is single bed size and he is still in a cot so it is perfect timing to give it to Henry anyway... reading about everyones beautifully decorated homes I took a look at ours. We proudly get the boxes down at the beginning of December and all take part in putting up the tree. This year Tilly was the best tree hanger, her patience lasted longer than everyones. Our new 'piece' for the year was our Advent calendar. I made this in 2007 for the Homespun Christmas in July magazine from lovely hand dyed wools from Highland quiltworks. Gee they were nice to work with. It took a lot of filling with three things each day for the children to seach for. This year we went for pens, stickers, scrapbooking items etc instead of sweets and chocolates every day.

as we unpack our boxes of decorations many memories come flooding back of the different places we have lived in Australia, the different schools and kindys they have attended and the many beautiful decorations brought home. All are stored carefully and hung each year which doesnt make for the most attractive tree but the most meaningful to us. We seem to have quite an assortment of angels over the years. I have posted just a few... arent they special?

mmmm angel or ghost?
our tree of memories...
notice that all the crisply wrapped packages are well poked, crumpled, prodded and peeked into... three girls and one dad.... patience is not a virtue in this household...
so to you and yours, with only 4 sleeps to go
have the most wonderful day of memories on Christmas day, spend it with special people, think of the special meaning of Christmas or what it means to you and thank whoever for being lucky enough to experience it this year.
hugs to you and yours


Gail said...

Such lovely memories! Merry Christmas to all and a very happy stitching new year!

Lenna said...

Hi Helen,
Merry Christmas to you. Tanks for sharing your Christmas memories with us.Hope you have a wonderful 2008.
Warmly Lenna

Helen Stubbings said...

Thanks Gail and Lenna, a happy Christmas to you and yours also.
Raining still here Christmas Eve and not very nice 'camping' weather so far, but I am sure the best is yet to come.
hugs, Helen

Foothills Fabric & Threads said...

Hi Helen, I love your tree, I feel the same way about ours. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Regards Sandra

Foothills Fabric & Threads said...

Hi Helen, I just tried to post a comment and it's disappeared into cyberspace. I hope it doesn't come through twice. Anyway. Love your tree and your blog. Hope you and your family hae a happy and safe Christmas. Regards Sandra

Helen Stubbings said...

thanks so much Sandra, all set and ready to go now. Only one sleep more.....happy christmassing....