Monday, 25 June 2007

the innocence of snow

we had a very cold week down here last week for Tassie so on the weekend we went in search of some snow for the girls. This was Tilly's first sighting of snow and of course she fell asleep on the way being so excited about some thing called SNOW! We went up to Myrtle Forest at Collinsville just north of Hobart.
I got such a thrill watching the joy on Matilda's face in the snow, throwing snowballs at her sisters and mum and dad, slipping over in her rubber boots which were 3 sizes too big and trying to run in her snowsuit...... and watching the pride in her big sisters as they too experienced this learning session and the making of memories, something so simple as a frolic in the snow will be a memory for our family......forever...
hugs Helen

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