Saturday, 20 October 2007

where have I been

No I haven't forgotten blogland, just been very busy. I was fortunate to return to my home state last weekend for a few days for two lovely events. My best friends 40th and my fathers 70th. Two celebrations which showed the respect, esteem, true friendship and love from family and friends throughout their lives. I felt honoured to be a part of it and to hopefully offer friendship to Bec and a daughters support to a wonderful father.
Now whilst home at Penola in South Australia with trusty camera in hand I got to spend lovely strolls in my parents beautiful garden. They are very proud of their 12 years of work and so they should be. This is not where I grew up, that was 20mins from town on a sheep property, but it is their retirement home and their pride and joy. Mum has I think now over 500 roses, my favourite flower and although it was a little early for the buds to bloom there were enough out to suprise and delight all the guests who wandered around. I filled my memory card and loaded all the shots onto Mum and Dads computer so each time they walk past they have another view from outside, inside the house. Here are a few for you to enjoy... cant you just smell the scent of spring? Sorry there are so many, I just couldnt choose my favourites.... I am going to use them to play with some Quizzles and choose some colour schemes from them for new quilt creations, taking colour from nature, you can never go wrong with fabric choice...

hugs for last week

there are many other flowers also

Mum reminded me I gave her this lilac when being posted once and couldnt take it across the border. I think it has done much better in this home!

one of the many iris species

Kenny, the faithful four legged friend, still surviving from farm days but a much easier life now....
and whilst we are there, Kenny's faithful friend..

This is my niece, isnt that just the most georgeous head of hair??

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