Saturday, 20 October 2007

free e-book

Even though I have been away I have still been busy with Tracey my sister and partner in Wysistas. We have upgraded our Quizzles Website and put a free 6 part e-book up there to thank all who come to visit. It is chock full of wonderful quilting information, hints and tips collected over the years. This came about as our Quizzles(R) were recently reviewed by the wonderful and charming Ricky Timms on the Quilt Show - an online quilt show hosted (and owned) by Ricky and Alex Anderson. Very exciting for us to have them both and their 23,000 odd members see a little product from two Aussie mums! We also now have some Quizzles available for download from the Website straight to your computer. There are about 11 more to come still and then we will get working on some new designs.... never a dull moment here....and we believe the free Quizzle sample has been rereleased on the cover of Quilters Companion this month - so everyone who has asked who missed out last time (if you live in OZ) grab your copy and you too will get a play. They are good fun and a great way to choose your quilt colour schemes... and very easy to use. (sorry for internationals, apparantly they (the publishers) dont put the bonus's on the overseas copies so you'll just have to be content with the trial play on the website or download one to use at home- or you can buy hard copy Quizzles in the US .)
next we have to learn about affiliate programes so all your locals can share in the excitement - yet another learning curve..

in the meantime I have my 'Stitching in the Valley' charity stitching day this weekend so I may not get to chat again until after that.. will take some pics for you all..


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