Saturday, 8 March 2008

missing in action part one

Well what a week I have had. Let me fill you in. It was my pleasure to be invited by Tracy of Tinkers Cart to be a guest tutor at her When friends gather retreat in Townsville last weekend. It was especially exciting as I had once spent 3 years up there and was very much looking forward to catching up with old friends. On arrival I and Sharon Hawkins of Handmade magazine were picked up and taken to Tracy's lovely store. These three old souls were keeping watch out the door and with the friends and neighbours Tracy keeps its probably just as well!

The wonderful gathering of 110 lucky likeminded passionate stitching women was held on Saturday in a wonderful theatre space. Rosalie Quinlan, Janet Rowe and myself were the lucky tutors. Tracy did a splendid job of organising her first retreat and all of the girls left very happy and vowing to attend the next one - a very good sign of success.
Tracy had some very dedicated and loyal friends and helpers who worked tirelessly all day gathering up the atmosphere for all of us.

Tracy had requested a Colourque(R) project from me which was great as Colourque works really well at retreat type days where everyone can have a go. I was so pleased that at least two thirds of the girls got to have a go and colour their piece with many varied and wonderful results.

This effort belonged to Lauren a lovely young enthusiastic girl from Charters Towers, I can't wait to see more of her work as she was so keen to go and experiment further. It had a really fresh young look dont you think?

After a long day travelling and setting up and then another sharing with all of the wonderful old and new friends it was back to our accommodation which wasnt hard to take. This was the view from my 12th Floor window - Magnetic Island in the distance - many memories there.

after a freshen up and whilst waiting for dinner I walked and sat in the peace of the sun sinking, staring out to see, soaking up the tropical air and the lights of the magnificent Strand.

after dinner and debrief conversations it was bedtime for some... but who is this making the most of life and showing us her newly painted North Queensland toenails...?? See here for some more details..

We rested our feet in the pool, solved the problems of the world and the industry and had many laughs.... a lovely finish to the day... not to mention my photography efforts to catch the curlew on film - sorry nothing to show- the best I got was two white spots which I am sure are eyes!!

A final breakfast feast and farewell to some new and refound friends.... Rosie - who is living life with spirit and gusto, Melly on a mummy break (also the two best of friends and sisters) and Sharon -a truly beautiful person.

yes the photo is at breakfast, champagne and all...

footnote, some photoshop work below? - well no actually that is how it came out - see lots of laughs were had...

I will tell the rest of the story tomorrow....

hugs, Helen


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the weekend went too quickly :)

Angelman said...

Dear Helen,
I had a fantastic time at my first stitch-in. It was so lovely to meet and talk with you all.
I have finished one of the projects from the stitch-in, Brew a Cup of Friendship, now I am onto Ticklish Allsorts.I want to make all of them.
Thank you so much for comming, and I hope you come again.

Anonymous said...

What am amazing photo of me!!! Just darling!!! Thanks so much for sharing it!!! hee-hee!! A true reflection of the weekend though!! Hope you have had a fab time away in all and cant wait to catch up again one day soon (must have some more champagne!!!) - MELLY!! x x

megz_mum said...

Hi Helen, the workshop was wonderful - so nice to concentrate on doing a project rather than being interrupted by things like washing to go out, kids to drive around, dinner to cook, etc....