Monday, 30 June 2008

in the mail

My letterbox seems to be bringing lots of print surprises lately. This book arrived last week from Country Bumpkin. I have never before worked for Country Bumpkin but I got a hasty request for this project earlier in the year. It was only ever designed and stitched as a teaching project and wasnt meant for mass publication but they begged! and they drew up the design from my sketches so it wasn't a lot of extra work for me... Of course I have always loved how they photograph everything so beautifully - thats why I have every single issue of Inspirations, quite a few Smocking and embroidery and many many A-Z titles in my bookcase.... The photos are just to drool over. I am so excited to have finally made it into one of their beautiful books.

Anyway, I think they have done a lovely job of photographing Victorian Virtuoso although I dont know that I'd hang it in MY bathroom!

So watch out for it at your newsagents or visit Country Bumpkin if you want to see more. I am assuming it is available now.
Dont forget there is still time to leave a comment a few posts back to win the AQS calendars. I will draw the winners on Friday.

We have been busy being inspired at the Tasmanian Guild exhibition and craft show over the weekend. I think the girls fell in love with Stamp it up so looks like a party happening here soon!

I was a very proud mum seeing my girls first quilt entry in the junior textile exhibition. Molly (11 at the time) had done all of the cutting, Tess (now 10) all of the machine piecing and their cousin Sarah (9) had quilted it with a panto on her mums longarm machine. They used the Turning Twenty pattern and the fabrics I had brought back from Des Moines 3 years ago - yes it took them this long to finish it but it looks great. Sorry I dont even have a pic of it finished as it was a rush to the end to deliver it. Sadly it did not win a prize but the school quilt - if you remember me blogging about it, did win an Honourary mention from the judges. yay.... well done kids.
hugs, Helen


Fiona said...

The girls did a great job on this quilt. It was wonderful to see the work of some of the people and talented. I can't wait until my girls are old enough to start quilting.

Bev Cooper said...

Congratulations to Molly Tess and Sarah on the joint effort with the quilt. You know the future is going to be great when they can quilt together. Great to see your project in the magazine. You know you have a lot of quilts when you hang them in the bathroom.

arlette said...

felicitation, ce patch, et ces couleurs, sont tres belles, bravo !