Friday, 1 February 2008

book update

For those who have been wondering and asking here is an update on 'the book'. Unfortunately its release has now been pushed back to Fall (meaning Fall or October in the US being a US Publisher). The Editor has just looked at the manuscript which was there as you may know by end of July last year and would like some 'extra' projects to coordinate... So below is what I have been working on very quickly (they have to be quick or it gets bumped to 2009 and I just cant wait that long -and dont want you to have to wait any longer:) ) for the book... pinned but not quilted yet....

So It will still get there eventually but self publishing is much more 'instant' and satisfying than this waiting waiting.... by the time I have to proof it I am sure I would have forgotten it all, ahhhh the perils of 'proper' book publishing I guess.... Sorry for those of you who are waiting, be patient, I still hope and trust it will be a wonderful technique book for you on ColourqueR when it comes..
best get back to quilting it....


Helen said...

Hi Helen,

Please tell me how you made your banner. Which software did you use. I think it looks great. Would love to try out and make one for my blog.
Good luck with your book. Hope it gets published soon.
Happy quilting,

leanne beasley said...

This quilt looks great (as always). Good luck with the publisher. Best wishes from this little studio to yours!

Helen Stubbings said...

Thanks Leanne, lets hope the Editor agrees....thanks for visiting.