Tuesday, 5 February 2008

new things....

I have been running a giveaway over on my NPNT blog for a new product I am working on. Lots of things being planned and worked on at once here for 2008, I think I actually need to write a plan and a to do list each day as I seem to be dabbling in too many at once... Anyway, as I said at the top I have been running a little giveaway....

mmm. what is this you ask? well its a new box, actually about 50 of them, they are the cutest little noodle boxes and I have them in four delicious colours so far... They are going to contain a selection of designs from the Nice People Nice Things kits - just one in each with the preprint, pattern and a needle, all you need when you go away on holidays without a project and are having stitchers withdrawal.... my problem is, I dont know what to call them. Now I have had Huggettes, Tempters, Little Love Notes etcetc..... So the competition is, to name them - you can see some suggestions on the NPNT blog but I am not completely sold on one yet....(but blog friends who gave suggestions, you are still in the running to win so dont panic!)

Want to see some more peeks on new projects? Look at these gorgeous threads which arrived today to go with these to die for fabrics I have been drooling over for a few weeks now waiting for thread..... the designs are done, I now need to get to stitching...

I also have a very exciting blog project in planning stages with some wonderful talented designers from across the globe, it will be a little while before we get going as you can see I have my brain going in many directions just now, but it will be worth waiting for...

now what else, I think thats enough for me and you to handle for today.... please keep me in your thoughts as I take on far too much and stretch myself far too far because I love it and just cannot resist!

oh, the giveaway - I will send out two noodle box kits - yet to be named to two lucky commenters - not necessarily the final namer but you do need to give me a suggestion...

hugs for today



May Britt said...

What about calling the nudle boxes "Sweet dreams", "Quilters dreams", "Lovely kisses" or "Kisses from me"

Just sitting here with a friend now who is leaving for australia on thursday. I want to crawl into her suitcase and join her :)

JOinTAS said...

Some suggestions for the boxes
*Little Noodles
*20 Hugs
*Takeaway Hugs
*Oodles of Hugs

kjquilts said...

Hmmm, how about Stitcher's Take-away Boxes or General Tso's Stitching. I give up but please enter me in the drawing!

Suzi-q said...

What about 'Stitchers antidotes" or "stitch in a box"

LifeStillGood said...

Hi Helen, can't wait to see what you are going to create with that gorgeous fabric and thread. Now a name for the boxes -

*Nice in a Noodle Box
*A Stitch of Nice
*A Box of Nice
*Noodles of Nice
*Takeaway Stitches


LifeStillGood said...

I have just thought some more names -

*Nice Hugs
*A Little Bit of Nice
*20 Nice Things
*Nice to Takeaway


De said...

Great idea what about calling them "More than noodles"

bobbi said...

Hi Helen,
I love keeping up with your work--you are always so busy and colorful, so motivating!
Perhaps you like one of these names for your boxes:
*Happy Trails
*Nice Going
*Threads Away
*Hugs to Go
Keep on keeping on and hugs from Germany!

LifeStillGood said...

Here are some more names

*Nice Hugs
*20 Nice Things
*Nice Things to Takeaway


Sheryl said...

Hi! here's my suggestions..
Kisses on the Go
Stitch Aways
Simply Bliss

Jodie said...

So very excited, my package arrived today in Florida with my Nice People Nice things Kit and I have already traced three designs. Yeah!! Ok so for some names.

*Little Trinkets*
*Dashing Doodles*
*Blowing Kisses*

JOinTAS said...

Been trying to come up with some more, how about
*Holiday Hug
*Hug in a box
*Hearfelt Hugs
*Nice little Hugs
*Cherished Hugs
*Yummy Hugs
That's all I've got, can't think anymore!

Shell said...

Some suggestions for names:

* Life's little Niceties
* Nice little treasures
* Niceties

All play of the NPNT theme.

Hanne said...

I suggest:

Travelling Kisses
Adventurous Hugs

I am making a toiletry bag with one of your designs on it as we speak.
I am very much looking forward to use it on adventurous travel in April :-)

Sarah said...

Hey helen,
I dont think anyone has suggested "S'Noodles" or "snoodles" (S for sewing and noodles for the noodle box) I think that sounds very cute!! or how about:
"Snoodles To Go"
"Hugs 'n' Snoodles"
"Traveling Snoodles"
"Box of Snoodles"
Or how about:
Thants all I can think about at the moment.
Good luck with picking a winner.
x Sarah

Linda said...

Hi Helen,

How about Noodle Doodles
Doodles to Go

Leeanne said...

These will be so cute! My suggestion is:


Bronwyn said...

Hi Helen,
What a great idea for sewing on the go. I did like Jointas suggestion...Takeaway Hugs, sounds so cute.
Heres mine...Soul food.
Because stitching really does feed the soul. Good luck with finding an answer to the new name.

Nic said...

Hi Helen,
How about
.....Mini Morsels
.....Daily Dose
.....Tasty Treats
.....Group Hug ( seeing as there are 20 little blocks )

Ok now I'm running short on ideas.
I hope we have helped. Fingers crossed for me to win a prize.

Lissa Jane said...

how about 'in case of emergency break glass???'
"in case of emergency tear here?"
"Just add stitcher"
"take out stitchin'"

the list could be endless and useless as well (from me)..

love your blogs, have been cruising blogland tonight for inspiration and yours inspired me..

Lissa Jane said...

how about 'fat free fixin's'


Maureen said...

Hi, I came by your blog....and I love it!
It's a your to read and look al the pictures....

Here are my suggestions:

* Stitches~on~there~way
* Little~Travel~Love
* Lovely~To~Love
* TravelStitches

I am sorry, my englisch is not so good (I am from The Netherlands), but I like to be in the draw....