Thursday, 14 February 2008

Schools back!

Hello to all my blogger friends. I have been a little busy preparing for the return to school finally. Unlike the rest of Australia Tasmania still only has 3 school terms which means we have the long 8 week summer break. So although all of our mainland friends and family have been back at school for a good two weeks, we just started today. So, yesterday was spent taking hems up, letting hems down, replacing buttons, replacing worn out names, stitching up holes in seams, polishing shoes (well actually I noticed as Miss M got out of the car this morning that this little job was forgotten) but we should have polished shoes! and last but not least replacing the placket and collar of a worn out rugby jumper... ugghhh! I cant believe I made hundreds of these years ago with another clothing business I used to have..... actually, I must have 'dumped' the knowledge as it took me 20 mins to work out how to do it again.... anyway #2 Tess was happy with the end result and happily went off to school this morning with a jumper which looked brand new! yes I know its the middle of summer, but it is also Hobart! - for non-Australian friends Hobart has a reputation of being cold at the best of times...

anyway, whilst looking for some tape for the placket I found this little treasure which I was only thinking about a week or so ago when discussing school sewing projects with a friend
This was the very first project we had to make in Sewing in year 7, our first year at high school. It was a little sewing caddy, see the pockets? Thread, needles and my very first pair of 'good' fabric scissors went into the pockets then the caddy was rolled up and tied to secure. There are even a few of the original threads deep in the depths of the pockets. And my name tags. Mum obviously gave me her 'less than best' threads to have for school. I wonder where my scissors have gone?
This little treasure was my first attempt at silk ribbon embroidery. After leaving school I joined the Army and was later posted back to Adelaide in my first position. I took my first class at Country Bumpkin in silk ribbon embroidery..... and look where that lead me to.... It is still the most beautiful store with the most beautiful books and magazines and I can say that it started me on the path to where I am at today - I dont think I can attribute that to the sewing caddy experience above but I guess that had some influence also:)

So enough of my reminiscing for one day. If you are doing the Nice People Nice Things Block of the week project I have just put up an extensive tutorial over on the blog to help you out with my back to front quilt as you go method. If you are not doing it you may be interested to see how it works anyway..

hugs for today - my first almost child free day in 8 weeks - poor little Tilly is really missing her big sisters....


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Fiona Karas said...

Hi Helen,
I am doing the nice people nice things quilt and totally enjoying it. I have also just discovered the world of blogs and loving that to. I live in launceston.