Wednesday, 16 April 2008

brooch vs badge vs something completely new??

Keep them coming girls, brooches seems to be the favourite but Hermione I just Loooooovee Booby buttons! Do you think I could use that or would some take offence... KarenC says think outside the square mmmm yes I was planning on doing some other projects that would 'house' the brooches so maybe its not the best way to go. The first 16 designs are a mixture, some very traditional, some a little more modern and fresh.... I will pop a pic of some in here that I have been fun colouring on with different mediums....

thinking, thinking..... Booby Buttons....mmm I really do like it! :)


lisa said...

Yeah, I think it's catchy too!
They look very cute!

Janet Rice-Bredin said...

I vote for Booby Buttons!

julia said...

Booby Buttons sounds great - much better than brooches (that sounds really serious)!
Thanks for sharing,

megz_mum said...

Hi Helen,
Thanks for visiting! I haven't finished my project yet - the hand stitching is done, just need to pull the machine out for the finishing!

Aldana said...

Hello! I am inloved with your blog and every one of your works!
Sorry, but my English is not very good!