Monday, 28 April 2008

neenies garden update

This may be my last post before leaving on Sunday as I finish the packing, printing, pricing and preparing for our big trip to HMQS and Quilt market. It is all very exciting but as always a little scary and nerve wracking.... Thankyou for all the lovely messages of support and good luck you have been sending.
I resigned myself to the fact a couple of weeks ago that my new BOM was not going to be ready for release in the USA but as I still want it ready for release in June in Sydney I have been stiching in the wee hours and am getting close. I will have just enough stitching left to do on the plane trip there and back. It is coming together nicely and I am really loving the softer fabrics again.
a few more peeks for you to keep you drooling.... start collecting those pretty fabrics girls...and I just looove the pink spot... hugs, Helen

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