Monday, 28 April 2008

busy busy

Sorry for my absence from blogland, I am still preparing for the big trip, leaving in 5 days time. I feel very unprepared but I am sure everything will turn out okay in the end. I have had so many people sending me photos and emails so I am going to mention just a few here to say a big thankyou to them all. It is so nice to get photos and emails regarding patterns that people have finished, it doesnt happen that often and I can understand why but I think blogland is making things easier for people to share. So please feel free to brag and send in your pics. You are very clever and special to finish a project and we all love to see your efforts.

So Jenny from Country Blossom Patchwork in Queensland has used every Huggette in this gorgeous wallhanging. She has made up a pattern for it and has the fabric kits in her store. It is so cute, don't you think?

Wendy from Iddy Biddy has finished her version of Nice People Nice Things. I just looove the soft colours, just my style..
And Aldona from Germany who recently won one of my new patterns quickly made up the little extra suprise I put in her packet. She has many more pics on her blog, I wish I could read German but I am sure she has said 'nice' things. Her work looks beautiful. And she is obviously a big fan of Aussie patterns.Thankyou so much for sharing,
hugs to all

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kodama said...

que bellos trabajos, recibe todas mis felicitaciones,los colores muy bien combinados, este bolsito será oara mí, un abrazo