Monday, 21 April 2008

Boobie Buttons is it!

Hermione, you win the prize... I am going with the Boobie Buttons after a resounding yes from all who were surveyed (which means my family and friends:) ) So I have chosen some other names at random also:


Janet Rice Bredin - you can pick yours up at market :)

Karen C

please send me your snail mails....

Much of the printing is done and the packaging has begun. I had some help from some wonderful friends and Miss Tessie all day yesterday to get me organised - well start to - for the big trip to market in just two weeks. The buttons are not back from the assembler yet but will go into these little bags at the front here. The stacks you can see at the back are sets of cards for the Nice People Nice Things BOW which I just cannot keep up with! It is so satisfying to know that so many of you are enjoying this project. I have put more pics over at the NPNT blog.

I had a lovely day at the Quilted Crow gathering on Saturday, some time out for myself sort of. I spent the day finishing the binding on the Diametrically Deduced quilt ready to ship it to the show. Not completely happy with it but out of time now. Hopefully after getting all of this stock packed to ship I can finally get back to some work on Neenies Garden.... You can see more pics of the great Autumn gathering here, here, here and I am sure soon will be here and here. A lovely day with likeminded passionate stitchers - what lovely sharing women stitcher's are.

hugs, Helen


May Britt said...

These boobie buttons are so cute!! Another lovely idea from you :) Great name by the way.

Hermione Agee said...

That's so funny! Yay! Have a great trip.

jrice said...

Whoo hoo! I won! I'm going to wear my Boobie Button for Market :o)

cate said...

Wow! Thank you - I love booby buttons too! My address is: School Residence Sara Street Meandarra Qld. 4422

Cheers! Cate