Saturday, 21 July 2007


I have been asked so many times in the last few months about digitising my designs for embroidery machines that I finally gave in and did some research. I know nothing about embroidery machines, how they work, how the files work and how the designs are digitised but I have a couple of very experienced mentors who are advising me... I have just received some stitched out samples in applique, outline and fully filled versions. What do you think? What options do you think embroider's would like and use?? I am thinking of the outline version so they could still colourque and the fully filled version. It says it takes 21/2 hours to stitch this one girl - I could hand stitch it in that time almost!! but I guess its set and forget to a point and you have a machine and a thread collection then this is what you would expect.

So, any comments are most welcomed..... I have a big decision to make....




Pamela Jones said...

Dear Helen
LOVE your digitised girls - I like to combine machine embroidery / patchwork, especially for childrens quilts.
The artwork is delightful ! I would do the designs in both filled and redwork to suit different projects. Looking forward to seeing the sets

Helen Stubbings said...

thanks Pamela, exactly the kind of feedback I need if I am to go ahead with this. Will keep researching. hugs Helen