Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Tuesday nights

I quite like Tuesday nights. My DH works every Tuesday so the girls and I can have a muck up dinner, eat when and where we like, tumble on the floor together and talk about girlie things. Tonight we had an extra, my neice Emma who has been here for the week while her mum and family have travelled north to install a longarm quilting machine and do some sightseeing. Only problem is the machines which were supposed to be here 3 weeks ago still havent arrived. Oh well, they have had a nice visit to Tassie. So poor Emma has ended up having a quiet week but wonderful for Tilly to have someone to play with. I have just gone online and booked her a ticket to the very first screening of Harry Potter tommorrow - she is a huge fan and at least she will have one holiday memory to take home with her from Auntie H!!

So after I turned the laptop on I have just been surfing some of my favourite blogs. They all look so good and have the most inspirational or philosophical things written on them, I think I have a long way to go but will keep tweaking when I have the time. Hope you can all stick it out with me...

tommorrow is week 2 of the school project. Wish me luck, we have to draw a circle with a 25cm diameter, then 3 smaller circles. Then each child has to choose two complimentary colours and find fabrics to match. I had a huge garbage bag of 'real' patchwork fabrics donated to me last year which I havent even looked at yet so I am going to let them do it for me... I may be in the pile rummaging with them if there are some I cannot resist!!

I also stumbled onto our own Lynne Wilsons new fabric range today - Porcelain. It is now up on the moda website and will be released in September. I need some!

Busy organising my Friendship day which has been set for the 9th September. New Venue and new caterer to find this year. Have the venue, still to find the caterer. And then start on the projects which are all in my head, but thats a long way from done.
I think I have almost finished my manuscript however. A few more step by step photos to take and final instructions once the quilting has been completed and they can be made up.

Was just reading Kims blog at Honeysuckle Cottage re telling someone you care before it is too late or just making someones day by doing something nice. My Grandmother had a major operation today which the Dr's didnt want to do because of the risk of surviving the anesthetic (SP?) and I forgot to phone her for a chat last night before it happened..... She has come out of the operation so hopefully I will still get my chance....
she is my only surviving grandparent and being a dressmaker, crocheter, knitter, embroiderer and later in life a quilter, she has taught me much and helped me get to where I am today. My thoughts are with you Gran.... will talk soon I promise
love Helen

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