Monday, 16 July 2007

standard day

well today was pretty standard, 2 x BAS's, reconciling, paying bills, packing patterns.... gee, I would really just like to sew..... I did get a small amount done tonight on the projects for the Charity Stitching day this year. Yes the date has been booked and a new venue to try. 9th September at the Newtown Senior Citizens club (which is in Lenah Valley) so it is called 'Stitching in the Valley'. Lots to do, projects to design and make, supplies to order, kits to pack, patterns to write, entertainment and speakers to arrange, catering.... but the enjoyment and the feeling of warmth and sharing on the day makes it all worth it...and we do make a quilt to raffle for a very worthy cause.

Tonight when I was speaking with my mother (who lives in SA) she really wanted to be here for at least one of my charity days, so to cut a long story short, the tickets are booked, and my entertainment may be solved. We grew up with her playing the piano for dances, weddings and singalongs, I am sure she can still do it - are we up for a singalong of all the old favourites ladies??

I did waste some time today catching up on some blogs and following some other blog links. See Natalies latest pattern or keep an eye on Kim's exciting takeover in the next couple of days!

and for those who have asked, My grandmothers' not going so well afterall so we'll keep her in our thoughts and hope that she keeps the resolve to hang in there..... it can get better....but she seems to take one step forward and two steps back and even I would have had enough..

hugs for tonight

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