Saturday, 7 July 2007

Island Threads Spectacular 2008!

Yes, I am getting in early this year. Our class project began this week with Class 4/5 Swift at Lenah Valley Primary School. We are going to be working with the class of 28 students each Wednesday for an hour. The theme of this years quilt is 'Images of our youth' and I began this week by talking about complimentary colours - each child has to choose two complimentary colours to work with, shape - we are working in circles only so we spoke about different circular objects we could work with to draw circles and to embellish with.... And then I took photos of every child 'making a funny face' ready to begin next week. Ms Swift tells me she wont be much help but I have seen her classroom artwork and I am sure she will be fine. I also have another guild member and (new) Grandma helping out. I know it is a challenge - 28 at once, but we will see how we go....

I will keep you up to date with a picture diary of how we are going. Tess has made her block as a tester but I wont show you yet.

Here is Tess's pic for her block

Matilda assisted with the photography and then decided it was her turn. This is what she observed as being a 'funny face' obviously..... certainly made me laugh when the pose was struck!! Never ceases to amaze me what they take into their little brains....

so, now she is part of the school quilt!

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