Monday, 27 August 2007

Challenge - with rewards...

HI all, I have been a busy busy girl so sorry for my tardiness in posting here. Have had two shows the last two weekends and life in between. What have I been doing to fill my spare time I wonder. Well.. I did attend a Hens night on Saturday where I learnt Bollywood dancing - actually quite fun but I dont think I'll be performing it anytime soon.

My big success this week is that I finally figured out my Illustrator programme enough to draw my new designs for a large new project I am working on for November release. It has 104 designs - well actually about 52 designs and 52 verses or sayings...yes, one per week for a year. It is called 'Nice people, Nice things' and I plan to start another blog or group for all who participate with the hope it will inspire people to do one nice thing a day or week. Just think, if everyone in this world did just one nice thing out of the goodness of their heart each week, what a nicer place the world would be... So whilst I have mastered drawing on Illustrator I am not really up there with blog design and artwork so I have a challenge to any who may be reading my blog....

Design me a blog header and theme for 'Nice People, Nice things' - just has to be simple, nothing fancy just functional and suited to the theme. (although there are some really lovely blogs out there that I wish I had time to emulate) I can supply themes and designs..... the winner will recieve a full pack of the Pattern when released in November. Now as I am fairly new to blogging I dont even know how many people are reading this, so feel free to forward this challenge or get together with friends to have a go... It will be a place to list nice things that people have done, post extra patterns or designs, watch each others progress, share thoughts and dreams, successes and failures in life and in stitching. What a nice thing you would be doing.....and you know, it actually feels good to something nice for someone else.... so lets heal the world in our own small way

'One woman can only do so much but a group of women can do SO much.'

hugs for today

7 comments: said...

Sounds gorgeous Helen, very much looking forward to seeing the finished product. Have the design in my head for the title, but not the skills to translate, so have thrown out your challenge to my Scrapping sisters-in-law!
(Hope they're in a sharing mood!!) said...

PS...have adde this challenge/link to our blog...don't know if anyone reads ours either!!

Helen Stubbings said...

gee thanks Lisa, I hope they are too! what is your blog address?

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen,
I will have a go at a header for you. Do you have a colour preference? Looks like you like pink! I love pink.
Not sure about the theme thing though. How do I send you the header?

Kind regards

Lisa said...

Hi Helen
Come visit us!

Helen Stubbings said...

HI Tania, gee thanks, do you happen to be Lisa's SIL? I have just read your holiday page, I think you made up for your lack of holidays in one trip, I was exhausted just reading it....
So for the new blog, it will be completely new and as you are familiar with wordpress and I have been looking at changing to it perhaps it would be best for me to set one up and give you full access to play.... will email 'offblog' with details.

Tania - The Scrapbook House said...

Hi Helen
Good guess! I am proudly Lisa'a SIL!
I have had a play and made a header, but it's kinda lame. Wordpress has great themes that you just click a button and away you go... way nicer than what I could create. You would find it easy... ask Lisa! Hee hee. I do love to play and have had sites for years now (at yahoo) but I really love wordpress for blogging. You can also change themes mid way, and all your posts etc will follow. You can also back up your blog to your computer. Not that I have used the others, as wordpress was my first, but it's easy, so I have stuck to it. Easy is good for me.
Go try it yourself and see how you like it. I think you can also upload from your old one to them... somehow. Check the global dashboard for help.