Wednesday, 29 August 2007

PJ Stripe

The lovely and excited Kim from Honeysuckle Cottage phoned me yesterday to say she had just found a new stripe fabric for my Pyjama Party Book projects. It is from the Victorian Romance range and will be available on her website soon.

Also dont forget the stripe from A Little Romance

and a new one I found yesterday from Red Plum Linen - and its even called PJ Stripe Pink

and here was the original as used in my book and Tilly and Friends. So sorry to choose a fabric you all really want so much it sells out!! I think I need to become a fabric designer in my spare time so I have at least have access to the fabrics I want to use...



Lisa said...

Would love to see you come up with a fabric range Helen, we would be in that for sure! Be great when we get that extra 5 hours in our day.....

Helen Stubbings said...

Hi Lisa, I'd love to do it one day but have no idea where to start.. many others that do it seem to be in the same position as me so who knows... maybe one day