Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Rosie's Snugglybug rug

Rosies quilt was delivered today as she entered hospital for another round of treatment. This was a challenge as she is 14 yrs old and requested red and black with fairies!! Do you know how many red and black (and not pink) fairies are around. But I think she'll like it and we do hope it gives her some comfort to be snuggled as 'snug as a but in a rug' whilst going through this lonely and frightening time. Thanks as always to our 9 blockmakers, Kim for assembling it and Hilary Arnold of Fairfield Quilting for quilting it. If you'd like to read more about the Snugglybug Rug Project, there is info on my website.
hugs, Helen

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de vliegende koe said...

Hello Helen, Nice to meet you, I’m a first time visitor and impressed by your blog and the things you make and do. I love Rosie’s quilt. I’m sorry the links don’t work at the moment but I will be back soon!