Tuesday, 14 August 2007

new blog

My sister Tracey Browning has finally succumbed and has started a blog.

More exciting news today as our Quizzles products will hopefully be available on the new Quilt Show shoppe. The Quizzles are being previewed by Gizmo Girl I think in the show to be aired in October so now the 20,000 members will also be able to purchase them right there on the show site. What a good idea they have added to the site. Have you visited or joined yet, I know it is difficult for us here in Australia to watch the shows as our Internet speed is just not quick enough in most places but the bits I have managed to watch are really good. And I am really lucky to be in a test footprint area for the first residential Optic fibre network in Australia... so when they finally get it sorted out and working I hopefully will be able to watch them all again without any hassles.

hugs for today


Sarah said...

Hi Helen,
Great blog :-)
And, you have been tagged!!
Check my blog for more info :-)

Helen Stubbings said...

HI Sara, nice to 'meet' you, this is actually the second tag I've had, the first was ages ago from Lynette Anderson and I havent gotten around to doing it so will try now.. just have to find 8 people with blogs I know that havent already been tagged!