Monday, 13 August 2007

my little princess

My Little Princess turned 3 yesterday.... yes, another 3 years of life have passed in a blink of the eye.... but we have so many wonderful memories and moments and who could resist moments like these below.... her two big sisters wanted the party- Tilly would not have known otherwise, but she certainly knows now what a present is and what 'happy birthday' means...

as you can see by these first two she was a little unsure about this party thing and having to wear these beautiful new clothes (which mum should have lovingly made for her as she did for the first two girls, but gee, who can survive without chickenfeed!!)

And with three other princesses to share the day with, its no wonder all my designs are girly girly... I am trying really hard at the moment to do some 'boy' designs' for release in November but with this inspiration around me I can feel another Princess theme coming on...
Bubbles, bubbles, always a favourite and the rain subsided for a few minutes here and there to enjoy the brisk air...
Of course one must have a princess cake!! again a quick fix from the store instead of a lovingly made cake from home, but I have come to realise the kids are quite happy with this, Its just me who has to suffer the guilt of a busy lifestyle...and processed cake, but I shouldnt be eating it anyway...(Note: Molly did make the fairy cakes from her Kids cookbook -and I have learnt from experience that every child at the party needs their own candle to blow out)

so to my baby, a happy happy day my beautiful princess..
hugs from Mummy xxxxx

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